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One, or 1, is the small red Numberblock. She is the main protagonist.

One first appears in the episode with the same name.

She is voiced by Beth Chalmers.


One has a small red cube body with an eye on the front and a mouth. She also has two arms and two legs and has a number 1 on top of her. She appears in all except for seven of the episodes and has the most appearances.


1 is sweet, curious, helpful, friendly, bubbly and clever. She loves finding things that are alone and normally calls them "one of something", while the other Numberblocks call something alone "a something" (e.g 1 would call one bee one bee while the other Numberblocks would call it a bee).

She sometimes feels sad since she only has one block, which means she can do fewer things than the others.

Episode Appearances

Total number of appearances: 83


  • "1 wonderful world, and 1 me!"
  • "You're amazing!"


  • On Halloween 2017, a pumpkin was carved in the shape of Numberblock One.
  • 1 is the first Numberblock to not be made of other Numberblocks. The second being Zero.
    • This is because 1 fell from the sky as a small block until it turned into her.
  • There is a fanmade Numberblock posted on Twitter called "Zero point Five (0.5)" / Half (1/2) who resembles 1, but it is half 1's size and has no arms.
    • There is also a prototype design of Zero that heavily resembles 1, but it has an almost transparent block. This design was by Arifmetix.
  • 1 is the first Numberblock to ever be seen in the show.
  • 1 was originally white with black limbs and two eyes that resemble the eyes of Alphablock A or B from Alphablocks. Her Numberling was also in serif.
  • 1 is the first square number, cube number, triangle number, and polygonal number to appear.
  • 1 has the most copies shown at the same time, being 101, beating her previous records at 100 and 40.
  • 1 is similar to the Pudding Monsters, due to them being small, red and are cyclopses. They also have the ability to become bigger characters by fusing.
  • In the Alphablocks episode UFO, An "Alphablock 1" appears during the episode. Some fans referred to it as a "Numberblock" and the term was eventually used for this show.
  • 1 is the first Numberblock to not be able to change her shape. The second being 0.
    • However, she can morph into 3D shapes, such as a frustum, as shown in "Hiccups".
    • Apparently, One cannot sleep without her one-eyed teddy bear, as stated in Heist.
  • One is one of the few Numberblocks to appear in different colours. The other two are Seven and Eleven.


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