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"I don't think I've seen One (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character. For the episode, see One (episode). For the comic, see One (comic).

One, or 1, is the small red Numberblock made up of 1 block. She is the main protagonist.

1 first appears in the episode with the same name.

She is voiced by Beth Chalmers.


1 is a small red cube with a circle eye on the front and a maroon mouth. She also has red limbs and has a black numberling on top of her. She appears in all except for fourteen of the episodes and has the most appearances.


1 is sweet, curious, helpful, friendly, cute and childish. She loves finding single things and normally calls them "one of something", while the other Numberblocks call something alone "a something" (e.g 1 would call one bee one bee while the other Numberblocks would call it a bee).

She sometimes feels sad since she only has one block, which means she can do fewer things than the others.

Episode Absences

One appears in every episode except these 14:

  1. Building Blocks
  2. The Way of the Rectangle
  3. Loop the Loop
  4. Twenty
  5. Sign of the Times
  6. Fun Times Fair
  7. Divide and Drive
  8. Two Times Shoe Shop
  9. How Rectangly!
  10. Rectangle Racers
  11. Four on the Floor
  12. Sky High Fives
  13. Heroes with Zeroes (has a picture)
  14. Double Back

Total number of appearances: 114 + 1 (Incl. pictures)

Numberblocks Annual 2022 Description

One loves singing about things that are on their own.

Her best friend is Numberblock Two.


One is just one block. She has only 1 arrangement, but currently she has 2 forms.

Two-Dimensional (1/1)

Other (1)


  • One is the first Numberblock to not be made of other Numberblocks. The second being Zero.
  • One is the first Numberblock to be seen in the show.
  • One was originally white with black limbs and two eyes that resemble the eyes of several females from Alphablocks. Her Numberling was also in serif.
  • One is the first square number, cube number, triangle number, and polygonal number to appear.
  • One has the most copies shown at the same time, being 101, beating her previous records at 100 and 40.
  • In the Alphablocks episode UFO, an alien Alphablock with a 1 on top appears during the episode.
  • One is one of the many Numberblocks to appear in different colours. The others are Numberblocks 2-9 and 11.
  • One can sometimes be seen with a square eye, such as in the episodes Square Club and Steps Versus Squares.
  • In this video, One used to be listed as a member of Prime Club, even though One isn't generally considered a prime. This was fixed shortly after.

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