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One, Two, Three! is the fifth episode of the Season 1 of Numberblocks.


Three does magic tricks with apples to show all the others who goes first, who is biggest and how to surprise the other number friends.


One sees a tree with an apple in it; hungry, she attempts to get it, but she can't reach it. Two comes along, sharing her plight. Then, Three comes along, and easily gets the apples. She challenges One and Two to three rounds.

The first game consists of apples being put in three cups; putting the apple in the yellow cup, she easily wins as the Numberblocks assume that the apple is in the cup corresponding to their color, eating the first apple.

The next game consists of balancing an apple on a Numberblock's head; One starts, and is overtaken by Two, who soon is overtaken by Three. Once again, Three wins.

The last game consists of best surprise. One and Two soon have the plan of both adding up into Three and sneaking up on Three, before surprising her, as she becomes One and Two. Despite this, Three still ends up winning since she was the one who surprised "herself". Eventually, feeling sorry, she decides to lead the Numberblocks to more apples, giving them all apples. Two lends her his second apple.

Learning Objective

This episode's learning objective is to further introduce the number 3 and counting to and knowing the order of all the numbers to 3.


  • This is the second episode to not have a song. The first was "Another One".
  • The phrase "third time lucky" was later used by Seven in Odd Side Story.
  • This is the first episode where Numberblocks demonstrate that they can move their faces/limbs outside of rearranging. Such a trait isn't touched on a lot until the later episodes.
  • It's demonstrated that consciousness can be transferred between Numberblocks. This is evident during the last game.
  • Ironically enough, the entire episode would've been skipped considering that One was shown capable of jumping higher than usually.