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When the Numberblocks' Numberlings fall off, the Numberblocks have to work out who they are and how numbers work.

This episode teaches about identifying numbers and digits with numbers greater than Ten.


The episode starts with Eleven bouncing her football on her head. Fourteen soon asks to do the same thing as she did, except with two Sevens instead. Inspired, Eleven decides to start a contest to see who can pass the football to their partner for the longest amount of time. Fourteen picks Twelve; since Eleven is the referee, Thirteen is without a partner. Fifteen comes out of the wall to help him; unfortunately, she says his name, and he soon splits into a Ten and a Three, causing a chain reaction of knocking over Twelve, as the ball soon knocks off 11-15's Numberlings.

Everyone, albeit fine, no longer know who they are exactly. With a bunch of ones, nobody knows if they should even have one, only knowing that they are greater than One. Twelve gets the idea of rearranging them neatly in rows; Fifteen proceeds to count to five. Remembering something, she proceeds to split into her Step Squad. Each Numberblock proceeds to give each Numberblock their ones digit, corresponding to color; for example, Eleven gains one of her One digits back.

Now with that taken care of, there are still plenty of ones Numberlings leftover, enough for one for each of them, with the Numberblocks having no idea on what they're for. Ten, however, comes, and they soon remember something- they need two Numberlings on their head. The remaining ones represent a singular ten block; everyone proceeds to put their one back on their head, nearly getting hit by the football in the process when Thirteen says his name, and nearly splits again when he says his name once more. With everything taken care of, all Numberblocks present proceed to continue the contest.



  • This episode marks the second time the Numberblocks don't have their Numberlings on their head. The first time was at the start of One.
    • As seen in this episode, the Numberblocks will have amnesia without their Numberlings.
    • This could in fact link to the first episode, where One doesn't know who she is until her numberling shows up.
  • An instrumental of Ten Again can be heard when Ten appears.
  • This marks the first time someone says “Thirteen” and Thirteen does not fully split into Ten and Three. He was, but Fourteen stopped it in time.
  • It is unknown on who to blame for losing their Numberlings. However, with logic and reasoning, it could be 15's fault for starting this in the whole place; 13 tries to prevent 15 from saying his name but regardless she says it. This causes a pandemonium.