On is th 24th episode of Alphablocks Series 2.


A big screen comes up. O and N makes a word "ON" as the switch appears, O turn it on and the big screen turns on with a bright white screen before the switch goes back up. O and N leaves where the show is about to start.

Act 1: Numero Uno

A Falls down as the screen changes graphics. the apple falls down as her letter sound started. As more apples fall down, it makes a beat of a rhythm.

/a/! /a/! /a/!

as the rhythm continues, B, C and D with a stage panel comes down. B makes her letter sound with her bass while C makes cracks and D drumming on his drums.

/b/ /b/-/b/-/b/-/b/, /b/ /b/-/b/-/b/-/b/ /c/! /c/! /c/! /d/-/d/-/d/ /d/-/d/-/d/!

A joins the band in while juggiling apples.


Before the band continues to sing more, the stage platform breaks and slides to the floor by C's cracks. This leads up to the next act.

Act 2: Morning Exercise

E appears making his letter sound using his megaphone.

/e/ /e/ /e/ /e/-/e/-/e/! /e/ /e/ /e/ /e/-/e/-/e/!

F flies around making her letter sound as well.

/f/ /f/-/f/! /f/ /f/-/f/!

G came around with a glass of water gulging to make her letter sound too.

/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/! /g/-/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/!

Finally H came with her letter sound perfoming her dance moves.

/h/-/h/-/h/ /h/-/h/-/h/! /h/-/h/-/h/ /h/-/h/-/h/! /h/-/h/-/h/ /h/-/h/-/h/!

And finally they pose together to end thier act.

Act 3: Tittle Tattle

The next one starts with I with her viking helmet and wig. she starts sigining with her letter sound.

/i/-/i/-/i/-/i/ /i/-/i/-/i/-/i/ /i/-/i/-/i/-/i/ /i/~ /i/-/i/!

J flies around with a string on her body like she was flying as she interrupts I's spotlight with her letter sound.

/j/-/j/ /j/-/j/ /j/-/j/-/j/-/j/-/j/-/j/!

I is mad about J's performance. I sings again. While J still keeps on dancing, J landed on I leaving her spotlight a mess.

Act 4: Kool.

K comes kicking his football while saying his letter sound.

/k/! /k/! /k/! /k/!

L comes to join K but she sings her signature lullaby song.

/l/ /l/ /l/-/l/-/l/... /l/ /l/ /l/-/l/-/l/...

During that K gets sleepy and stops kicking his ball leaving him asleep. and so Does L as well.

Act 5: Neither voiced or unvoiced

This next act starts with M tearing the screen apart and eating with his letter sound.


N came to say to M along with his letter sound.


/m/-/m/! /m/!

N and M starts to fight but instead N is dragging M along with the piece of the screen as M is now puzzled.

Act 6: O, why are you a gangster?

O came with his hip-hop antire. He raps with his letter sound.

/o/! /o/-/o/! /o/! /o/-/o/!

P pops along with her letter sound to join O.

/o/-/o/! /o/-/o/! /o/-/o/! /o/! /o/-/o/-/o/-/o/ /o/-/o/-/o/-/o/-/o/-/o/! /o/-/o/ /o/-/o/-/o/ /o/-/o/-/o/! /p/! /p/! /p/-/p/! /p/! /p/ /p/-/p/! /p/ /p/ /p/! /p/-/p/! /p/-/p/!

Q comes along with her letter sound but she did not make her sound though. She grabs U to make QU to make a sound.

/qu/! /qu/! /qu/-/qu/! /qu/, /qu/! /qu/! /qu/! /qu/-/qu/! /qu/, /qu/!

O and P are impressed for Q and U's conpounded letter sound.

Act 7: Over the Seas

R appears as she is about to dance with her letter sound.

/r/! /r/-/r/-/r/! /r/! /r/! /r/-/r/-/r/!

S comes with her letter sound from her floaty flight.

/s/~ /s/-/s/-/s/-/s/-/s/ /s/! /s/-/s/-/s/!

While S sags up, R dances around S to sag around to offscreen.

/r/-/r/-/r/! /s/~!

Act 8: Teleyouvision

This next act starts with a techno-themed vibe as T comes in with his letter sound.

/t/ /t/ /t/-/t/-/t/-/t/-/t/! /t/ /t/ /t/-/t/-/t/-/t/-/t/!

As T comes to the DJ mixer, U came along.

/u/! /u/! /u/! /u/! /u/!

U then dodges the laser lights as V came with his letter sound.

/v/! /v/! /v/! /v/~!

Both T and V leave as U is the only one being worried by his unfairity.

Act 9: The Village Blocks

W, X, Y and Z appear on stage. W wearing an explorer cap, X wears an inidian feather cap, Y wears a cowboy hat and Z wearing a veteran soilder cap. they started dancing in a disco fashion with thier own letter sounds.

/w/! /w/! /w/-/w/-/w/. /w/. /w/. /w/-/w/-/w/... /x/-/x/! /x/-/x/! /x/-/x/! /x/-/x/-/x/! /y/! /y/! /y/-/y/-/y/! /y/! /y/! /y/-/y/-/y/! /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/...

Z sleeps and W, X, and Y leaves with Y holding Z's hand while leaving the stage.

Act 10: The Grand Finale

The grand finale starts off with a recap of all Alphablocks each saying their own letter sound.

/a/! /b/! /c/! /d/! /e/! /f/! /g/! /h/! /i/~! /j/! /k/! /l/! /m/! /n/! /o/! /p/! /qu/! /r/! /s/! /t/! /u/! /v/! /w/! /x/! /y/! /z/...

O and FF came to make the word, "OFF". The switch comes back right back from the start of the episode and O switches off the screen ending the episode.

Characters (in their order of appearance)

  • Everyone from A to Z. (Note: O and N appeared first, and U appeared after Q.)


  • QU
  • FF


  • On
  • Off



Act 1: Numero Uno

Act 2: Morning Exercise

Act 3: Tittle Tattle

Act 4: Kool.

Act 5: Neither voiced or unvoiced

Act 6: O, why are you a gangster?

Act 7: Over the Seas

Act 8: Teleyouvision

Act 9: The Village Blocks

Act 10: The Grand Finale



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