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On is the 24th episode of Alphablocks Series 2.


A huge (but inactive) screen fills the background. O and N spell "ON", causing a switch to appear. O turns the switch on, and the screen displays a bright white background before the switch mechanically ascends out of sight. O and N leave together, allowing the show to start.

Act 1: Numero Uno

A falls down as the screen changes graphics. The apple falls down as her letter sound started. As more apples fall down, it makes a beat of a rhythm.

/æ/! /æ/! /æ/!

As the rhythm continues, B, C and D descend on a stage panel. B makes her letter sound with her bass while C makes cracks and D plays his drums.

/b/ /b/-/b/-/b/-/b/, /b/ /b/-/b/-/b/-/b/

/k/! /k/! /k/!

/d/-/d/-/d/ /d/-/d/-/d/!

A joins the band while juggling the apples.


Before the band continues singing, the stage platform breaks along the cracks C has made and slides to the floor. This leads up to the next act.

Act 2: Morning Exercise

E appears making his letter sound using his megaphone.

/ɛ/ /ɛ/ /ɛ/ /ɛ/-/ɛ/-/ɛ/! /ɛ/ /ɛ/ /ɛ/ /ɛ/-/ɛ/-/ɛ/!

F flies around making her letter sound as well.

/f/ /f/-/f/! /f/ /f/-/f/!

G comes around with a glass of water glugging to make her letter sound too.

/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/! /ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/-/ɡ/!

Finally H comes with her letter sound performing her dance moves.

/h/-/h/-/h/ /h/-/h/-/h/! /h/-/h/-/h/ /h/-/h/-/h/! /h/-/h/-/h/ /h/-/h/-/h/!

And finally they pose together to end their act.

Act 3: Tittle Tattle

The next one starts with I with her Viking helmet and wig, then starts singing with her letter sound.

/ɪ/-/ɪ/-/ɪ/-/ɪ/ /ɪ/-/ɪ/-/ɪ/-/ɪ/ /ɪ/-/ɪ/-/ɪ/-/ɪ/ /ɪ/~ /ɪ/-/ɪ/!

J hovers suspended from a wire (making her appear to fly) as she interrupts I's spotlight with her letter sound.

/dʒ/-/dʒ/ /dʒ/-/dʒ/ /dʒ/-/dʒ/-/dʒ/-/dʒ/-/dʒ/-/dʒ/!

I feels angry about J's performance, but begins singing again while J continues dancing, J then lands on I, leaving the spotlight a mess.

Act 4: Kool.

K comes kicking his football while saying his letter sound.

/k/! /k/! /k/! /k/!

L comes to join K but she sings her signature lullaby song.

/l/ /l/ /l/-/l/-/l/... /l/ /l/ /l/-/l/-/l/...

K gradually falls asleep and stops kicking the ball; L falls asleep next to him, lulled by her own music.

Act 5: Nasal Noises

This next act starts with M tearing the screen apart and eating with his letter sound.


N rebukes M with his own letter sound.


/m/-/m/! /m/!

The two Alphablocks fight until N angrily drags the confused M offstage; M still holds the screen corner that he had broken off to eat.

Act 6: The O Track

O arrives, wearing his hip-hop attire. He raps with his letter sound.

/ɒ/! /ɒ/-/ɒ/! /ɒ/! /ɒ/-/ɒ/!

P pops along with her letter sound to join O.

/ɒ/-/ɒ/! /ɒ/-/ɒ/! /ɒ/-/ɒ/! /ɒ/! /ɒ/-/ɒ/-/ɒ/-/ɒ/ /ɒ/-/ɒ/-/ɒ/-/ɒ/-/ɒ/-/ɒ/! /ɒ/-/ɒ/ /ɒ/-/ɒ/-/ɒ/ /ɒ/-/ɒ/-/ɒ/!

/p/! /p/! /p/-/p/! /p/! /p/ /p/-/p/! /p/ /p/ /p/! /p/-/p/! /p/-/p/!

Q enters, trying (but failing) to add a one-letter sound to the act. She realizes her problem and grabs U to make QU; O and P are impressed for Q and U's compounded letter sound.

/kw/! /kw/! /kw/-/kw/! /kw/, /kw/! /kw/! /kw/! /kw/-/kw/! /kw/, /kw/!

Act 7: Over the Seas

R appears as she is about to dance with her letter sound.

/ɹ/! /ɹ/-/ɹ/-/ɹ/! /ɹ/! /ɹ/! /ɹ/-/ɹ/-/ɹ/!

S appeas floating while doing her letter sound .

/s/~ /s/-/s/-/s/-/s/-/s/ /s/! /s/-/s/-/s/!

While S sags up, R dances around S to sag around to offscreen.

/ɹ/-/ɹ/-/ɹ/! /s/~!

Act 8: Teleyouvision

This next act starts with a techno-themed vibe as T comes in with his letter sound.

/t/ /t/ /t/-/t/-/t/-/t/-/t/! /t/ /t/ /t/-/t/-/t/-/t/-/t/!

As T steps over to the DJ mixer, U enters.

/ʌ/! /ʌ/! /ʌ/! /ʌ/! /ʌ/!

U then dodges the laser lights as V vrooms in with his letter sound.

/v/! /v/! /v/! /v/~!

Both T and V leave; U is the only one feeling worried about his unfair abandonment.

Act 9: The Village Blocks

W, X, Y and Z appear on stage. W wears a sailor's cap, X wears an Indian feather bonnet, Y wears a cowboy hat, and Z wears a military officer's hat. All four perform disco dance steps while pronouncing their letter sounds rhythmically.

/w/! /w/! /w/-/w/-/w/. /w/. /w/. /w/-/w/-/w/... /ks/-/ks/! /ks/-/ks/! /ks/-/ks/! /ks/-/ks/-/ks/! /j/! /j/! /j/-/j/-/j/! /j/! /j/! /j/-/j/-/j/! /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/...

Z dozes off eventually; all four Alphablocks exit the stage, with Y holding Z's hand.

Act 10: The Grand Finale

The grand finale recaps all Alphablocks' making their letter sounds in order, mostly one at a time. (Q, of course, gets help from U again...)

/æ/! /b/! /k/! /d/! /ɛ/! /f/! /ɡ/! /h/! /ɪ/~! /dʒ/! /k/! /l/! /m/! /n/! /ɒ/! /p/! /p/! /kw/! /ɹ/! /s/! /t/! /ʌ/! /v/! /w/! /ks/! /j/! /z/...

When everyone else has cleared the stage, O and FF return to make the word, "OFF". The switch that had appeared at the beginning reappears; O switches off the screen, ending the episode.

Characters (in their order of appearance)

  • Everyone from A to Z. (Note: O and N appeared first, and U appeared after Q.)


  • QU
  • FF


  • On
  • Off



Act 1: Numero Uno

Act 2: Morning Exercise

Act 3: Tittle Tattle

Act 4: Kool.

Act 5: Nasal Noises

Act 6: The O Track

Act 7: Over the Seas

Act 8: Teleyouvision

Act 9: The Village Blocks

Act 10: The Grand Finale



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