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Octoblock to the Rescue! is the fourteenth episode of Season 3 of Numberblocks and the 44th episode in the series overall.


The naughty Terrible Twos are making brainwashing custard pies and Eight is tangled up. Can 1, 2, 3, two 4's, 5, 6, 7 and 8 save the day and stop 4 Terrible Twos making Octonaughty and defeat him and put him in the pie? Learn how to make 8 with the Numberblocks.


It starts with the Terrible Twos making brainwashing custard pies. Eight crashes in through the roof to stop their plans. The Twos throw the pies at him, but he dodges them. Then the blue-masked Terrible Two lassos Eight with a rope. He tries to break the rope, until the purple-masked Terrible Two tells him that his powers are useless because the rope is made of pure octonite, an element that disables his powers.

However, Eight signals the Octo Signal and his friends will be here any moment. The blue masked Terrible Two tells that his friends will fall into The Terrible Twos‘ troublesome traps and does an evil laugh after. Eight doesn’t seem so sure. Outside, the Numberblocks 1-7 see the signal and enter the Terrible Two's Lair. Seven and One enter the first door, but they fall in a trapdoor. Seven doesn’t think landing into it was lucky, but that was...

Numberling 7.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 8.svg

Eight leaps out of the trap, before he separates back into Seven and One.

Six and Two enter the second door. The room was full of snakes and ladders, Six's favorite game. Six rolls a dice, which shows 2. They move two spaces. Two thinks someone’s cheating but unlucky for them they were startled by snakes and they slide down on them. Suddenly...

Numberling 6.svg+.PNGNumberling 2.svg=.PNGNumberling 8.svg

Eight climbs the ladders until he reaches the top. He then separates back into Six and Two.

Five and Three enter the third door. There's a cage hanging from the ceiling. Three and Five are not meant to walk under the cage. Just then, Three sees a triangle shaped spotlight and Five tells the tempted Three to resist it but she hops on anyway. Five then sees a star shaped spotlight and gets her guitar out and plays a tune. Suddenly, the cage catches them. Three complains that she wasn’t finished with her juggling but she knows the Grand finale.

Numberling 5.svg+.PNGNumberling 3.svg=.PNGNumberling 8.svg

Eight bends the cage bars to free himself before he separates back into Five and Three.

Four enters the fourth door. He looks in a magic mirror to clone himself. The two Fours then get trapped in a giant bubble but they know of a strategy.

Numberling 4.svg+.PNGNumberling 4.svg=.PNGNumberling 8.svg

Eight pops the bubble before he separates back into two Fours.

Meanwhile, the Terrible Twos then try to dunk Eight in a giant custard pie, until the Numberblocks 1-7 stop them. One and Two press a button which frees Eight. But the Terrible Twos have a trick or two up their sleeves. They use two magic mirrors.

Numberling 2.svg+.PNGNumberling 2.svg+.PNGNumberling 2.svg+.PNGNumberling 2.svg=.PNGNumberling 8.svg

In other words...

Numberling 2.svg×.pngNumberling 4.svg=.PNGNumberling 8.svg

Octonaughty appears! Eight prepares to fight him, while 1-7 assemble into four Eights. Octonaughty tries to escape, but he doesn’t know what‘s down in the pit and falls into the pie. The Numberblocks 1-8 laugh at his defeat.


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  • 9 and 10 are absent from this episode.
  • This is the first, if not only time that equation magic is used in comic style.
    • In this style, the Numberlings are outlined white.
  • This is the first time there are more than two Eights. The second is “How Many Tens”
    • There are six Eights in one scene; five are Octoblocks and one is Octonaughty.
  • Octonaughty is the first villain to first appear in Season 3, if you don’t count the last five episodes.
  • This is the fourth episode Eight is the biggest Numberblock.
  • Five left her guitar in the cage.


  • He may be a reference to the Joker, from the Batman series, as they are both opposites to the hero.
  • The Octo-Signal refers to the Bat-Signal, from Batman.
  • "Octonite" is a reference to "Kryptonite", a fictional element in the Superman series that disables the eponymous hero's powers.
  • The Terrible Twos calling Eight "Spiderblock" is a reference to Spiderman and Two accidentally calling Octoblock "Spiderblock", which in turn is a reference to Spiderman.
  • Eight's rallying cry "Octoblocks assemble!" refers to "Avengers assemble!" from Marvel's Avengers.


  • When Seven said "In here!", his mouth doesn't move.
  • In Netflix, with the subtitles, Seven clears his throat, though it says Ten clears hers, though she doesn’t appear in this episode.