Numberblocks Wiki

Series 5 (commonly known as Seasons 7 and 8) is the 5th series of Numberblocks.

New Characters

  1. One Times Table
  2. What-Iffer
  3. Two Times Table
  4. Twenty-Three
  5. Twenty-Four
  6. Twenty-Six
  7. Twenty-Seven
  8. Twenty-Eight
  9. Twenty-Nine
  10. Three Times Table
  11. Thirty-One
  12. Thirty-Two
  13. Thirty-Six
  14. Four Times Table
  15. Five Times Table
  16. Thirty-Five
  17. Forty-Five
  18. Fifty-Five
  19. Forty-Nine
  20. Sixty-Four
  21. Eighty-One
  22. Ten Times Table
  23. Orders of Magnitude

Season Select

  1. Season 7
  2. Season 8

Episode Select

  1. Your Turn (number lines and comparing numbers) - It's time for some bouncy fun as the Numberblobs take over the show.
  2. Now You See Us (writing numerals from zero to nine) - The Numberblocks discover a magic spell that makes them all invisible. Uh-oh!
  3. Ten's Top Ten (number bonds to 6~10 recap) - Ten presents a rundown of the top hit songs in Numberland.
  4. What's My Number? (recognizing numbers without counting) - Welcome to the gameshow where you don't count, you see the amount!
  5. Fun Times One Times Table (multiplication by one) - One goes in search of the legendary One Times Table.
  6. The Many Friends of Twenty (number bonds to 20) - Twenty enters the Pattern Palace to find out who his Twenty-friends are.
  7. Ten Vaulting (adding into numbers above 10 without 10+x) - The Numberblocks compete in the finals of the Ten-vaulting contest
  8. Twoland (evens/multiplication by two) - What if Two was the first Numberblock? Imagine that!
  9. Two Times Shoe Shop (multiplication by two) - Two discovers a magical shoe shop and the even more magical Two Times Table.
  10. Odd Side Story (even and odd addition) - How do the Odd Blocks and Even Tops work out who's the best? Dance!
  11. How Rectangly! (numbers 23 and 24) - Twenty-One helps some new friends find out how many rectangles they can make.
  12. Rectangle Racers (multiplication with the number 18/24, or different arrays in bigger numbers) - At the Rays Track, Twenty-Four is ready to race all day and all night!
  13. The Team Factor (divisors) - Welcome to the Team Tag Arena for another exciting match! Who will be left standing?
  14. Hidden Talents (number 26) - Twenty-Six enters Fifteen's Talent Show... and finds some hidden talents!
  15. Making Patterns (numbers 27 and 28) - Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight explore the new Pattern Wall at the Gallery.
  16. Now in 3D (cubes, and other ways of arranging blocks in three dimensions) - Octonaughty returns with a whole new dimension of naughtiness.
  17. Club Picnic (grouping numbers by numerical properties) - There are so many clubs for Numberblocks to belong to!
  18. Too Many Threes (which numbers are multiples of three) - Three's attempts to hide in the Clubhouse get increasingly tricky.
  19. Circus of Threes (multiplication by three) - Roll up, roll up, roll up as the spectacular Three Times Table puts on a show to remember.
  20. Figure It Out (different ways to explore the properties of a number) - Twenty-One reveals her six-step plan for figuring out Numberblocks.
  21. Snow Day Doubles - Thirty-Two and friends have fun halving and doubling in the snow.
  22. Steps Versus Squares - The annual Steps vs Squares treasure hunt doesn't quite go to plan.
  23. Puzzle Square - Puzzle-master Thirty-Six challenges the others to find a way into Puzzle Square.
  24. Four on the Floor - Four and friends bust some big moves on the dance floor with the Four Times Table.
  25. Sky High Fives - Five gets ready to perform at the Tower of Rock.
  26. One Giant Step Squad - Meet Fifty-Five, the rocket ship captain who's always ready to blast into space.
  27. Square on the Moon - The big squares set out to land a square on the moon using square power alone.
  28. Heroes With Zeroes - When there's trouble in space, Ten and the Ten Times Table rocket to the rescue.
  29. What If? - What if there was a way to explore every possible question? Imagine that!
  30. 100 Ways to Leave the Planet - It's time for the biggest adventure of all – there's a whole universe to explore.