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This page is about the show. For the characters, see Numberblocks (characters).

Numberblocks is an animated series created by Blue-Zoo Productions and broadcasted by CBeebies.


Beginning development in September of 2016, and premiering its first episode on the 23rd January of 2017, Numberblocks aims to be similar to its predecessor, Alphablocks, but the only difference being that they teach simple mathematics.

For 123 episodes (as of October 2021), the titular characters, the Numberblocks, go on adventures and sing many songs relating to a certain maths subject, whether it's about counting, playing, or meeting new friends.

The first five Numberblocks debuted from January 23rd to February 10th, 2017, consisting of One, Two, Three, Four and Five. They go on adventures and discover simple things related to their number, such as shapes, counting, adding and subtracting.

The next batch of Numberblocks debuted from May 1st to May 19th, 2017, consisting of Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. With the five old and five new Numberblocks, they go on slightly less easy mishaps such as going to space, counting sheep or even retrieving golden apples from a dungeon.

Between September 24th to October 19th, 2018, twenty new episodes of Numberblocks came out, debuting the character of Zero and making the Numberblocks go on more complex puzzles, such as meeting Blockzilla and Big Tum, as well as trying to make all the numbers up to Ten with only One and a mirror.

Between January 21st and February 1st, 2019, five more Numberblocks debut (Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen), and later on, from June 10th to July 8th of the same year, five more Numberblocks (Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty) debuted. Together, they can do anything, such as going to different planets, sneaking into a museum at night, and counting to the biggest number.

With more numbers appearing throughout 2019, being Twenty-One, Fifty, One Hundred and many other big characters, the Numberblocks keep growing by the minute, whether from the hundreds, to the thousands and even to the millions! On August 16, 2019, "More to Explore" aired, concluding the series.

In an unexpected turn of events, Numberblocks Series 5 aired throughout the year of 2021, completing the Twenties, and introducing new Numberblocks in the Thirties and Forties, as well as Fifty-Five, Sixty-Four and Eighty-One. The main episodes concluded on June 25, 2021, when "100 Ways to Leave the Planet" aired.

Later in 2021, four special episodes aired, with crossover specials with Alphablocks in 2022.


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