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"I don't think I've seen Numberblobs (characters) before!"Four
This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Numberblobs (episode).

NumberbIobs are characters in Numberblocks that are known to debut in their eponymous episode.

They are voiced by David Holt, Marcel McCalla, Emma Tate, and Teresa Gallagher.

1 with her Numberblob.


Numberblobs are spherical creatures that come in the Numberblocks' colours.

They resemble small, puppet-like round things with no visible legs and hands.

Episode Appearances

Numberblobs are either used to count in Numberblocks episodes or fill the space on backgrounds. For example, their use in What's My Number? in the background illustrates this.

Other appearances



  • The Numberblobs are similar to the buddy blocks from Numberjacks and possibly Alphablocks.
  • Numberblobs Five appear in What's The Difference, where they meet Four to help him add up to Nine.
  • Red Numberblobs have the most appearences.