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“Everything’s gonna be all right now season three is here!”

Season 3, also known as Number Fun, is the first part of the third series that would first air on September 24, 2018 and would finish airing on October 19. It is 1 of the 4 series that have Spanish dubs available.

New Topics

This season teaches:

  • Greater than/less than signs with Blockzilla
  • The meaning of Zero -- "nothing"
  • 2D Shapes
  • Patterns with Six's Pattern Palace
  • Basic Algebra with Big Tum
  • Multiplication with the Magic Mirror


  1. Once Upon a Time (numbers 1-5) - A bedtime story all about the first five Numberblocks.
  2. Blockzilla  (greater than/less than) - The monster tale of a colossal creature who really, really likes bigger numbers, though the Numberblocks fear she's going to eat them.
  3. The Numberblocks Express  (number bonds to 5) - Learn all the number bonds up to 5 with the Numberblocks Express Train.
  4. Fruit Salad (splitting numbers) - The Numberblocks visit a fruit factory where big Numberblocks split into smaller numbers for fruit.
  5. Zero (number 0) - What's one less than one? The answer is revealed when Zero appears. She sings about things that come in zeroes or nothing at all.
  6. Now We Are Six To Ten (numbers 6-10) - Let's read another bedtime story about the Numberblocks 6-10.
  7. Numberblobs (counting to 10) - Sing along to the Numberblocks counting song with the Numberblocks and their friends, the Numberblobs.
  8. Building Blocks (arrangements) - Nine and Ten meet an alien whose spaceship has crash-landed, so with help from Six, Seven, and Eight, they build a big tower to reach the alien's home planet.
  9. Peekaboo! (greater than/less than) - The Numberblocks take turns hiding behind each other in a song and dance all about bigger and smaller.
  10. Hiccups (number bonds) - The Numberblocks take pictures, but every time Nine hiccups, he falls to pieces, until the others find an unexpected cure.
  11. What's the Difference? (subtraction) - One, Three, and Five want to be lucky like Seven.
  12. Numberblock Rally (subtraction and a bit of addition) - The Numberblocks have a rally race.
  13. Five and Friends (addition by 5) - At a five-star ball, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten discover that they are "five and a friend".
  14. Octoblock to the Rescue! (number bonds to 8) - The Terrible Twos are causing custard pie mayhem in Numberland, so it's up to Octoblock to defeat them. The Terrible Twos trap Eight in octonite; but he calls for help with the Octo Signal and hopes that his friends will be here any moment. Will Numberblocks 1-7 save Octoblock? Will they fall into some troublesome traps?
  15. Ten Again (number bonds to 10) - Ten sings about being ten and her number bonds.

Characters Introduced or New Characters






Flatlanders (Shapes and the straight lines)

Big Tum

Past Characters












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  • Number Fun is the first season to be distributed by BBC Studios. This is because at first, "High Five!" and "Ten out of Ten" (officially) were distributed by BBC Worldwide before merging with BBC Studios on April 1st, 2018.
  • Numberblock Zero would debut in this season, but only appear in her namesake episode. She would not be seen again until Series 3 began.
  • When the Numberblob was first seen, fans thought that Zero was red and round. This would be proven incorrect.
  • Eight's design has minor changes for some unknown reason: not only does his mask become lighter, but his pupils also become noticeably smaller.
  • The DVD/Blu-ray release date is unknown, just like Seasons 1-4, but is confirmed to be in September 2019. (List of DVD releases)
  • The first four episodes of this season include only Numberblocks 1-5. In the fifth episode, Zero, only Numberblocks 0-3 appear. Numberblocks 6-10 start to appear in the sixth episode, Now We Are Six To Ten.
  • The topics taught in the first five episodes of this season are under Red Level One; the rest cover topics under Orange Level Two. It would be inaccurate to say that the events of the first five episodes happened before the Numberblocks manage to go above Five; during Ten, One asks the purpose of Ten's zero.

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