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Now in 3D is the first episode of Season 8 of Numberblocks. This is the 106th episode in the series overall.


Octonaughty returns with a whole new dimension of naughtiness. This calls for a whole new dimension of superhero!


The Terrible Twos have built a new machine called the Dimension-ator, allowing Octonaughty to enter a cube form and assume new heights of power. Using these newfound powers, he easily spins out other Numberblocks into 3D shapes, leaving them trapped and not able to rearrange. Octoblock attempts to stop him, but he two falls victim to Octonaughty.

Now imprisoned by Octonaughty, he can't rearrange and is trapped in a 3D shape. He attempts to use the Octo-Signal to get help, but Octonaughty covers his up with his own. Regardless, Twenty-Seven sees it. Not knowing what the signal is really, she assumes that someone needs a cube.

Having located Octonaughty's hideout, she is quickly disassembled by him when he throws her onto the controls, as Octonaughty kicks the remainders of her out and blocks the entrance with two more doors. In a sudden twist of events, Twenty-Seven reassembles as a "Super Cube", and now has a “Cube mask” and breaks into Octonaughty's hideout again as three Nines. They all proceed to break the Dimension-ator by sneezing at it. With Eight now freed, he becomes two Fours, as Twenty-Seven becomes the Three Three Threes (nine Threes in total) to trap Octonaughty. He easily escapes and attempts to become a cube again. Much to his misfortune, he ends up becoming flat, and is sent over the horizon from an explosion.

Learning Objective

This episode's learning objective is to learn about cubes, and other ways of arranging blocks in three dimensions.



  • This is the third time Octonaughty appears, and his second major appearance. (First being, Octoblock to the Rescue!, and second, Ten's Top Ten).
  • 0, 5, 11 , 13-17, 19-23, 25 and 26 are absent from this episode.
  • Octonaughty possesses stranger eye movements than his last appearance. It's noticeable when he laughs and calls Octoblock "Octo-flop" the first time.
  • This is the first time 8 is seen as a 2x2x2 cube.
  • This is the first time figured-out 27 is in a 2D shape, since her debut 2D shapes were there when she was a compound.
  • This is the seventh time the Terrible Twos appear and the first time since Terrible Twosday.
  • This is the first time since Season 2 where when the Nines sneeze, the Eights don't have tentacle limbs. Unlike the other times, this doesn't appear to be an error.
  • Twenty-Seven has a new design starting with this episode.
  • Eighteen's voice, for some reason, sounds almost like that of Fourteen's, after he's spun out.
  • After each one of the Ones hits a light from the Dimension-ator, they T-Pose. It's unknown if this is an oversight or intentional.
  • It is unknown why Octonaughty needs the Dimension-ator to even rearrange into 3D shapes, when Numberblocks are shown to have been capable of rearranging into 3D shapes all by themselves.
  • When 27 said “super cube” she had Rasmus Hardiker's timber instead of Emma Tate's voice.
  • This episode marks the first time Octonaughty stood tall.
  • Octonaughty calling Octoblock "Octoflop" is a reference to Robbie Rotten calling Sportacus "Sportaflop" in the kids' show, LazyTown.


  • The door to Octonaughty's hideout is very obviously sealed when Twenty-Seven first arrives. Somehow, Twenty-Seven manages to get in the first time, despite obviously being impossible to.
  • Twenty-Seven's borders keep shifting between covering her sides entirely and only covering her vertices, before she becomes a Super-Cube (after that the borders only cover vertices).
  • Octonaughty's tentacles in-explicitly become the same color as Eight's when he throws her onto the controls.
  • One of the Ones shot out by the Nines clips below one of the Eight's Numberling.