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Now We Are Six to Ten is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Numberblocks. It is the thirty-sixth episode in the series overall.


Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin a bedtime story all about Numberblocks Six to Ten.


Numberblocks 1-5 are asleep, while 6-10 are awake in their beds. 10 is holding a storybook and begins reading.

Chapter 6: Skips and Tricks

This chapter begins with Six playing jump-rope with Two and Four as the rope-holders. She then says a jump rope chant about her being a number 6 and having six blocks. Six rolls a dice and it lands on Six. She does six tricks on the rope while changing shapes, while the Numberblocks 2 and 4 cheer for her. One wants to play, too, but the rope knocks her flying onto Six.

Numberling 6.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 7.svg

Chapter 7: Falling On My Feet

This chapter begins with Seven falling through the sky while counting seven blocks. He sees an incoming red cloud, falls through it, and counts 1 block for the corresponding colour, he sees more clouds in the rest of the colours of the rainbow incoming for him. he falls through all of them in order and counts the rest of his blocks for the corresponding colour. He falls sideways, making a rainbow, and One notices it, Seven tells One To ”Look Out!” as he slides down his own rainbow, while One is scared and he ends up bumping into her.

Numberling 7.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 8.svg

Chapter 8: The Secret Story of Octoblock

This chapter is told in the form of a comic book. Octoblock begins reading the comic book shown on-screen. Once, Eight, with four normal limbs, waiting for the bus, was just an ordinary mild mannered number, with eight blocks, and his own numberling. But one day, He was tickled by a radioactive octopus, which gave him special powers. So if anyone needs help, they can call on Octoblock. Then, One is stuck in a tree and Octoblock comes to the rescue. Eight forms into a square-with-a-hole shape. Eight catches One in his hole as One falls down from the tree.

Numberling 8.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 9.svg

Chapter 9: Sneeze A Jolly Good Fellow

This chapter begins with Nine saying hello to the viewer, then saying he has nine blocks. Nine then says "thank you" but he starts to sneeze. Eight asks Nine if needs some help and thinks if they’re anything wrong with him. Then, As the title of the chapter suggests, Nine sneezes out a One, and she lands into Eight's hole.

Numberling 8.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 9.svg

Nine begins to be happy, then starts to sneeze again.

Numberling 9.svg-.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 8.svg

Eight smiles. Then, One bounces onto a tree.

Numberling 8.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 9.svg

Nine starts to sneeze, then One is sneezed out back and forth, until Eight says “See how you like it!” as he tosses One onto Nine.

Numberling 9.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 1.svgNumberling 0.svg

Chapter 10: The Space Race

Ten is a rocket, with ten Ones as the mission control. She starts the countdown, but sputters. She tells the ones to calm down and decides to use the backup rocket and tells the viewers that she’s one Ten, which means she’s also Ten Ones, So she decides to split into ten Ones. The other ten Ones form Ten. She counts down perfectly and blasts off into the sky, while the Ten ones cheer and wave goodbye at her.

As the story ends, Numberblocks 6-9 fall asleep, snoring.

Learning Objective

This episode's learning objective is about learning numbers 6-10.


  • This episode's title may be a play on the A.A. Milne book, Now We Are Six, the sequel to the Winnie the Pooh books.
  • This episode marks Numberblocks 6-10's first appearance in Series 2 and Season 3.
  • This episode is the second part to the episode Once Upon A Time.
  • 4 and 9 are the only characters who have no vertical arrangement in this episode.
  • This episode shows Octoblock's backstory.
    • That might explain why Eight used to have four normal limbs.
  • 8's mask was recoloured into a similar purple colour to Two's glasses eyes. Many people thought this was an error.
  • The only Numberblocks that don't speak are 2-5.
  • Some Numberblocks have new arrangements in this episode:
    • 6:
      • 2+2+2 right
      • 2+4 left
      • 2+4 center
      • Triangle-shape
      • 3+3(1U)
      • 2+3+1 left
      • Mu-shape
      • 1+3+2
    • 9:
      • 1+3+3+2
    • 10:
      • 5+5(1U)
      • 2+3+3+2
      • 3+2+5
      • Horizontal
  • This is the first episode airing in October 2018.
  • The instrumental version of Seven's song can be heard on "Falling on my Feet".


  • In one scene, Eight's mouth is the same size as Nine's.


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