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Reason(s): This page is necessary because 99 plays a bigger role than other Compound Numberblocks.

Ninety-Nine, or 99, is a compound Numberblock made up of 99 blocks.


99 has 33 sliver grey/gray blocks, 33 iron grey blocks and 33 ash grey blocks. His eyes, mouth and his limbs has the same colour as Nine's eyes, mouth and limbs, the only difference is that 99 (Based on fanmade designs) has rectangle eyes and a array display (6 factors and based on fanmade designs). He has an ebony numberling on top of him (99). He has appeared in 3 episodes, all in Season 6.


Total: 3 (compound)

Fanmade Designs

Jaydob's design of Ninety-Nine is gray/grey with dark gray/grey borders (90+9). He has 11-sticks on eyes (11x9). His eyes are on the sides of his head.

DanvilleGeorge's design for Ninety-Nine is not only 9 soccer/football teams, but is also one block short of being One Hundred.

Gabe's design of Ninety-Nine is red and cyan, he's also called pacman block and he doesn't talk and has no lips. Delilah’s Design of block Without Ruby

Dortida's design of 99 is a super rectangle. He is the last number to have 2 digits. if you add 1 more, it will turn into 100.

ThatGuy30722's design of Ninety-Nine loves to be the mascot for a soccer/football team. He likes mascot costumes.

TSRITW's design of Ninety-Nine really likes red balloons. He's also exactly one off of a hundred, but he accepts this imperfection (unlike Nine Point Five).


A Real Looking 99.