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Ninety, or 90, is a Numberblock made up of 90 blocks.


90 has a pattern similar to Nine like 3 lots of grey/gray and 30 lots of grey/gray, to be specific 90 has 30 sliver grey/gray blocks, 30 iron grey blocks and 30 ash grey blocks. His eyes, mouth and his limbs has the same colour as Nine's eyes, mouth and limbs, the only difference is that 90 has rectangle eyes, hair and a array display (12 factors). He also has a pocket where he stores his magic wand. He has an ebony numberling on top of him (90). He has appeared in 6/5 Episodes, 4/3 times in Season 6 and 2 times in Season 8.

Episode Appearances


====2D (4/)====


  • He is the biggest multiple of 10 to have 2 digits.
  • He is the fifth male that is a multiple of three, the previous being Eighty-One.
  • 90 has more factors than 100, 90 has 12 factors, while 100 only has 9.