Nineteen, or 19, is a numberblock made out of 19 blocks.

She is voiced by Emma Tate.


She has white with red borders with 9 gray blocks that have 3 shades of grey.


She's one off feeling like the odd one out. She likes to make crazy shapes for one thing such as fishing. She could be utilized in many ways like in her episode. She likes suggestions for crazy shapes from other numberblocks. and seems to be able to utilize a pencil to draw on her.


Gabe Sotillo's original design of Nineteen is dark blue with green eyes, lips, and limbs. Additionally, That design is male.

TSRITW's design of Nineteen is yellow with triangular eyes.

Arifmetix's design of Nineteen is brown with purple oval eyes and a viking helmet with braids. She always hiccups while singing opera, making her 18+1 again.

ALARM BOB OMB's design of Nineteen is white with different types of blocks.

Gavin's design of Nineteen is male and has blue limbs. He has rectangular eyes.

Foldy336 Spongebob909's design of Nineteen is male and has purple limbs, and upside down L eyes.




  • It has been confirmed that 19 is female from her episode schedule description.
  • Irony: Despite saying she is a one-off...
    • ...multiple of her arrangements have her being more than one off.
    • ...any Numberblocks can make her crazy shapes and shapeshifting is not (necessarily) a talent.

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