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"I don't think I've seen Nineteen (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Nineteen (episode).

Crazy shapes, crazy shapes are the things that I do best!

— Nineteen, Nineteen (episode)

Nineteen, or 19, is a Numberblock made up of 19 blocks.

She is voiced by Emma Tate.


Nineteen is made of 10 white blocks with red borders and 9 grey blocks that have 3 shades of grey. She also has zigzagged eyebrows, the left one grey and the right one black. Her left arm is very light grey, but the rest of her limbs are dark grey.


Nineteen’s always one block off from a perfect rectangle, but she won’t let that slow her down. She makes lots shapes with her blocks, which she has named “crazy shapes”. She’s imaginative and she has fun with crazy shapes; It’s clear from her energy and the noises she makes that she gets a lot of enjoyment out of shifting from form to form.

When she was first created, she didn't know who she was, even though she technically never had to "figure herself out". She saw Eighteen, a super rectangle, and attempted to be one herself, but felt discouraged after being unable to make a single rectangle shape. This later seemed only to empower her to embrace who she is, however. She has a level of confidence in standing out and being her own unique self, or “Going her own way” as she put it in Tall Stories.

Often, Nineteen carries around a red pencil that Ten and Nine were using prior to Eighteen rushing past them and causing them to make her. She uses this to doodle on the shapes she and other numberblocks make, such as when she drew a “surprised cow” on Twenty-Eight’s shape in Making Patterns.

Nineteen’s generally friendly towards and considerate of other numberblocks. At the end of her debut is a collage of pictures of her with all of the other numberblocks, implying that she spent time making fun shapes with all of the numberblocks that existed before her, even numbers like One and Two who are very limited in what shapes they can make. She is welcoming towards some of the numberblocks in the process of figuring themselves out, such as welcoming Twenty-Nine to the oddblocks club in Club Picnic.

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Nineteen can make lots, AND LOTS of crazy shapes. Out of all the Numberblocks, she has made the most arrangements.

2D (131/5,940,738,676)

3D (1)



  • Curiously, though the characters 0-20 didn't have to figure themselves out, Nineteen is the only one of them who questioned who she was rather than immediately knowing and announcing it.
  • Nineteen is the first odd number voiced by Emma Tate.