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Nine Hundred, or 900, is a character in Numberblocks. He is a 30 by 30 square. He only appeared in One Thousand and One non-physically, just like Two Hundred and Three Hundred. He appeared in One's, Ten's, and One Hundred's thought bubble, when One was imagining numbers bigger than One Hundred. He is voiced by David Holt.


He resembles a giant Nine, although his face resembles Ninety's.


  • Despite being a square, he doesn't have square eyes and instead has rectangular ones. This mistake may be fixed if he has any future appearances.
    • This might be because that One didn't know that the product of two squares is always still a square back in One Thousand and One, so she didn't imagine 900 as a square number.
    • He is the second square not to have square eyes. First is One, even though she did have a square eye in two episodes, and the third one is Ninety Thousand.