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"I don't think I've seen Nine (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Nine (episode).

Nine, or 9, is a Numberblock who debuts in the episode with the same name.

He is voiced by David Holt.


Like 4, he likes to be a square, and is generally a nice guy who's also stronger than 4. It is unknown if 9 actually fears round things.

His most notable trait, however is that whenever he sneezes, he launches out his middle block and becomes 8. This is apparently because he has a "tickly nose". How hard he launches it has varying degrees of strength; on one hand, it is not shot very far away, while on the other, it is shot hard enough to push buttons, knock down others, and even break machinery. It is even demonstrated that he can also sneeze into three 3's, propelling them in the process. Usually, the 1 runs back into 8's hole to recreate 9, though in one case it ran away from him.

In the rare occasions, it's shown that he may feel like splitting into three 3's all of the sudden. This group is known as the Three Threes, who tend to not have very good coordination with others, even themselves. For example, they explicitly shrug off the Four Fours' request for them to help, and they try and open 1's honey jar in their own ways.


9 is the Numberblock made up of 9 blocks, each 3 in a different shade of grey. He has darker grey eyebrows with a small tint of blue. The eyes, lips, and limbs are completely grey. He has the same face as 4, except his eyebrows are solid curved rectangles.

Episode Appearances

Total number of appearances: 75 + 2 (Incl. pictures)


  • "I'm a square."
  • "Every time I sneeze, I always get one smaller."
  • "ACHOO!"
  • "AHH!"


Nine, just like Four, can be a square, but he frequently sneezes at this shape, making him split into Eight and One. To prevent that, 9 can also be vertical, 1R+2x4, or horizontal. He can make 1,285 shapes.

2D (61/9,910)

Independent (60)
Component Only (1)

3D (2)


  • 9 is the first multiple of 3 who is male. The second is 18, and the 3rd is 36.
  • 9 is very similar to 4 in many ways as they are both square numbers, both are male and are the second biggest number in their respective seasons. However, they are different when: 4 is even while 9 is odd, 4 is voiced by Marcel McCalla while 9 is voiced by David Holt, and the fact that 9 is calmer than 4.
  • 9 is mostly seen arranged vertically, in a square, and 1+2+2+2+2.
  • There are four episodes where he is the biggest number in.
  • Just Add One is the first episode in which when 9 is arranged 1+2+2+2+2, his face is below his top block.
  • 9 is the second (third if you count 1) (fourth if you count 0) square number to appear in the series and the biggest square in Ten out of Ten.
  • 9 is the second male odd number.
  • 9's voice actor, David Holt, also voices 7.
  • 9’s voice has gotten deeper in Series 2.
  • Originally, in Season 2, he was a Numberblock who was prone to sneezing out his "nose" (middle block), usually being indicated by it tingling and looking uneven. In later seasons, this has became more or less prominent of him, to the point that whenever 16 sneezes, she also loses her middle blocks (4). Despite this, Numberblocks still considers him "a little sneezy"
  • 9 was given differing body part colors in blocking shots as to make him easier to animate. This seems to have carried over to Meet the Numberblocks!, where for some reason 9's legs are red.
  • 9 is the only Numberblock from 1-10 to not start out in his vertical arrangement, neither make it in his debut. This is because when he was made, 1 jumped into 8's hole rather than on top of him. A similar case happens with 13, except it's him not making his Tens & Ones arrangement.
  • 9 is the third semi-prime first being Four (character) second being Six (character).
  • 9's voice changes in Fifteen.
  • The website's description of Nine is "Numberblock Nine is a square like Four but bigger and stronger. He often gets a tickly nose, and if he doesn’t get to a hankie in time, his middle block shoots out in a giant sneeze. So he has nine hankies, just in case."[1]


  • In the Numberblocks coloring page in the CBeebies Special Magazine Issue 113, 9 mistakenly has 4's eyebrows.


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