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More to Explore is the 15th episode of Numberblocks Season 6 and 90th episode overall.


It's time for the grand finale, but the number fun doesn't stop here!


  • This is the third appearance of a piano in the Learningblocks series. The first and second were Quick and Thirteen respectively.
  • This episode features the return of Big Tum and Blockzilla.
  • Blockzilla has grown a lot since her debut. She is about 3 or 4 times bigger in this episode than in her debut episode.
  • Eight's old design, where his mask and lips are darker in colour, is shown in one of the pictures at the beginning.
  • Some new Numberblocks appear, like Seven Thousand and Ninety Thousand. (Though they are scaled up versions of Seven and Ninety respectively.)
  • Numberblocks that are mentioned, and even shown, but not in physical form (including compound) include:
    • Pi
    • Thirty-Six
    • Forty-Two
    • Forty-Nine
    • Sixty-Four
    • Ninety-Seven Thousand One Hundred and Four
  • A very few fans believe that the chain of Ones in the "Numbers are infinite" part of the song is Infinity. This is easily debunkable since all the Ones don't have the infinity Numberling.
  • Twenty-Two is the only figured out Numberblock to not appear.
  • This episode influences children to make their own designs of Numberblocks not seen in the show.
  • This is one of the only few song-episodes to change key. Another is "One Hundred", along with "What's the Difference", "Thirteen", "Seventeen" and "Twenty".
  • It's been confirmed on Instagram by David Holt that this is NOT the final Numberblocks episode.
    • This is because after "Ten Green Bottles", due to it's success, Numberblocks was scheduled for a second and third season, with each having the same number of episodes as Season 1, totalling to 90, and More to Explore is the 90th episode.
    • It is however, unknown if this is the last Learningblocks episode, since the only 2 series in the Learningblocks series so far are "Alphablocks" and "Numberblocks".

References to past episodes and math-related things

Being another call-back episode, it has quite a lot.

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