Meet the Numberblocks! is a Numberblocks game on the iOS and the Android.

How to Play

The game begins with One on the screen. She will greet you with "Hello". There's a counting mode where you click on the Numberblock, and then their number of Numberblobs will appear. Clicking on all the Numberblobs will make all the blocks glow, and will make a song play about the respective number. To change Numberblocks, press the arrows. All the Numberblocks apart from Eighteen and Nineteen greet you. In the counting mode, you can click on the Numberblocks to make them change shape and say a random quote.


  • This is the debut of Eleven - Twenty in a game, since the last one goes up to Ten.
  • The reason why Eighteen and Nineteen don't greet you is because BlueZoo couldn't find any more lines for the both of them that relate to the greeting "Hello".
  • Before the 13th of July, people would have a chance to see that Nineteen would become a shape that only has 17 blocks. This was fixed later on.

Bugs and Glitches

  • On some devices, the Numberblocks would be missing their features, like eyes, mouth or limbs.
  • On some devices, the app would not load.
  • There is a glitch where Twenty's limbs disappear when you click him on the counting mode.
  • Some of the Parts of 1-20 is pink because of copyright issues.

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