Meet the Alphablocks is an app.


  • Due to O's inability to say anything other than his noise, an Alphablock says "Obviously that was O."

Goofs/Noticeable Mentions

  • Most Alphablocks have extra visible features.
  • S doesn't actually sag when she deflates.
  • She also doesn't start soaring right away, until she says "soars".
  • At one point N's mouth overlaps his nose.
  • For most of the game, not lots of Alphablocks have their eyes squinting.
  • W doesn't actually cry. He's actually making the noise BEFORE he starts crying.
  • When X x-rays, his X-ray makes makes everything red instead of what a normal x-ray would be like. This is probably because the technology to program ACTUAL x-ray vision was hard.
  • X's X is noticeably shorter.
  • Y's nose is reversed.
  • O's magnifying glass doesn't ACTUALLY magnify.
  • E's loudhailer doesn't ACTUALLY make echoes.
  • C's cracks are black instead of being ACTUAL cracks.
  • When I's eyes are closed, her eyebrows are nowhere to be seen.
  • When M eats the apple, it just vanishes.
  • When U merges with Q, he gets her eyes.
  • Oddly, U is not unhappy about merging with Q.
  • Also, U is shown smiling while he's talking, after he trips over.


How many alphablocks have you met?

A is for apple and alphabet!

B in the band with a big blue bass!

C makes cracks all over the place!

D on drums drumming all day!

E echos a long long way!

F has fun flying in the air

G glug glugs and grows green hair

H huffs and Puffs and hurries along

I am/is so important hear my song

J's a jolly jaybird/J is a jaybird, Jump Jump Jump

K Kicks a Ball it lands with a Bump

L Sings a Lovely lullaby

M is munching My Oh My

Obviously, That was O/O says "o" which means "hello"

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