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Making Patterns is the fifteenth episode of Season 7 of Numberblocks, and the 105th episode overall.


Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight explore the new Pattern Wall at the Gallery.



  • This is Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight's first appearances as figured-out Numberblocks, and their only figured-out appearance in Season 7.
  • Numberblocks Twitter says that this episode teaches different number patterns.
  • This is the the fifth time a figured-out numberblock (Twenty-Seven) first appears as a cube, the first three being One, One Thousand, One Million, and One Billion, respectively.
    • Eight has been in cube form, this appears in Now in 3D.
  • Twenty-Nine appears in this episode, but only as a pattern print.
  • This is the second time a bigger numberblock has been figured out before a smaller one, the first being How Rectangly!
  • It is listed as the episode 12 on YouTube, instead of the episode 15 elsewhere.



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