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Making Friends is the ninth special episode of Learningblocks. It is the 125th episode overall in Numberblocks, and the 96th episode overall in Alphablocks. It continues from where Season 8 left off.


Two worlds collide as the Alphablocks meet the Numberblocks for the very first time.


Words (confirmed)

  • Top
  • Up
  • Pot
  • Pit
  • Pi (stealth word)
  • Pet
  • Pat
  • Tap
  • Tep (nonsense word)
  • Lock
  • Block
  • Numberblocks
  • Band (stealth word)
  • Pals (stealth word)
  • Home


  • This is the first episode where the Alphablocks and the Numberblocks meet.
    • The episode also confirms that both shows are canon to each other, and that Alphaland and Numberland are two different planets entirely.
  • It was originally announced to be uploaded to the official YouTube channel on the 21st, a week after the CBeebies release, according to a comment on the Instagram post announcing the crossover. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after the 21st they announced it was postponed several months into the summer, resulting in many heartbroken children. Luckily, it was released earlier than summer, in May, albeit unlisted, linked below in "Video".
  • Depending on your view, this is the second time since Odd where a nonsense word works, in this case the compound word Numberblocks, which isn't recorded in actual dictionaries.
  • One of the things mentioned by Five is frocks, which are a type of girl's dress.
  • This is also the third episode to first air on a holiday. The first is Twoland (which aired on St. Patrick's Day), and the second is About Time (which aired on Halloween). This episode releases on Valentines Day.
  • This episode marks the return of Twenty-Three after 17 Numberblocks episodes.
  • When P stood on top of I, T remarked "That's no way to make a number! Be rational!". This is a reference to Pi being an irrational number. I then says Three started it, a pun on how Three is the first digit of Pi.
  • This is the second episode where Twenty-Six is the biggest Numberblock.
  • This special reunites Lizzie Waterworth and Emma Tate, who have previously worked together on the 2006 British cartoon titled Horrid Henry as the titular character and Perfect Peter respectively.



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