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Lips is the 17th episode of Alphablocks Series 2.


It's nighttime. A drops in. L lullabies her to sleep. The other vowels come in playing loudly, causing A to wake up and join in. After brushing their teeth and putting on pyjamas, the vowels continue playing, when G comes in.

l-o-g, LOG!

A log appears. G rolls away. D comes in.

l-i-d, LID!

A lid appears. The vowels go for a spin in the lid. Then they fly away. E comes down first.

b-e-d, BED!

A bed appears. The Alphablocks jump on the bed. E, the first vowel to fall down, can't go to sleep without his teddy.

t-e-d, TED!

With a teddy bear, E can finally go to sleep. Then, U falls down and can't go to sleep without a hug.

h-u-g, HUG!

H and G hug U and put him to sleep. Then, A falls down and she just can't sleep.

n-a-p, NAP!

A can finally nap. Then, O falls down and he needs to go sleep someplace else.

c-o-t, COT!

O can sleep in a cot. I is the last vowel to fall off the bed and can't go to sleep without a kiss.

l-i-p-s, LIPS!

Lips kiss I and puts her to sleep. Good night, vowels!

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  • Song: Five Little Alphablocks
    • The song is sung in a nursery rhyme called “5 Little Monkeys”, as well as The Wiggles song, "5 Little Joeys".
  • Total words: 8.
  • F, J, K, M, Q, R, V, W, X, Y, and Z. are absent in this episode
  • B, C, H, N, P, S, and T only say their sound in this episode.
  • LIPS is the only word in this episode with 4 letters instead of 3.
  • The pajamas that A, E, I, O, and U wore in this episode look like their outfits from Why, sans the hats.