Let's All Draw Numbers is a song that was released by the CBeebies YouTube Channel. It did not make an appearance in Numberblocks. It teaches children how to draw, or write, numbers 1-10.


Let's all draw the number 1, once learned never forgotten

It's one straight line from top to bottom, and now you've seen just how it's done

You'll always know how to draw the number 1

Let's all draw the number 2, let's keep up the pace

'Round and down, then across the base, that's truly all you need to do

Now you know how to draw the number 2

Let's all draw the number 3, we're going to tell you when

Go 'round in a curve then around again, and if you're stuck, then copy me

I'll show you all how to draw the number 3

Let's all draw the number 4, try to copy mine

Draw down and across, then cut the line, it's never going to be a chore

Now you know how to draw the number 4

(5!) Don't let the party stop

Draw down then around and across at the top

(6!) We're cock-a-hoop

Start with a curve and go 'round in a loop

With 7, no need to wear a frown

Draw one flat line and one line down (7!)

Let's all draw the number 8, let's get this off the ground

Start with an S, then loop back around, it's always going to turn out great

Now you know how to draw the number 8

Let's all draw the number 9, we're really going to town

Start in a loop, then one line down, this is how those two combine

The easy way to draw the number 9

Let's all draw the number 10, draw a 1 and an oval then

Do it once, you can do it again

Now you've learned to draw all the numbers up to ten!


  • Five and Six do not physically appear in this song.
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