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Land of the Giants is the ninth episode of Season 6 of Numberblocks. This is the 84th episode in the series overall.


Five and friends discover a way to make themselves ten times bigger!


Numbers 1-5 are with Fifty on a stage. Fifty is rocking out, before revealing a device that can be turned up to ten; and make anything ten times bigger. She turns them all up to ten, including the one with the block on it. All of the sudden, a Tens version of the Season 1 intro plays, but glitches out in the end.

The story first starts with Ten falling from the sky, as she gets up. A 10 numberling soon jumps onto her head, and she knows who she is now. After some counting, she eventually ends up at a tennis court. Realizing she needs to make friends, she finds the Magic Mirror and proceeds to create Twenty. One of the Tens proceeds to clone themselves to form Twenty. As they start their game of tennis, Twenty accidentally serves the ball too hard and tries to get it, but in the process slips on the spare tennis rackets. They soon add up to Thirty.

Thirty, being all alone, decides to use the Magic Mirror to recreate Ten and Twenty as they soon run back to where they started; though in the wrong positions. This causes them to miscount, as Twenty and Thirty swap places. Afterwards, Thirty states that she is the biggest; to prove her wrong, Twenty catapults Ten to her with his cane. This creates Forty.

Forty wants to find Oblongy, searching for him along with Ten and Thirty. Oblongy does eventually appear, as Forty picks up a stick. Unfortunately, by that time, he's gone missing again. Unable to decide where Oblongy went, he proceeds to split into the Terrible Twenties. Both of them proceed to tickle Twenty and Thirty, causing them to split into Tens. They retreat to the same stage from earlier, and meet with Fifty. Upon playing her guitar, she realizes that she set up the volume to Ten. She turns the dials back to 1, as numbers 1-5 decide to reenact the ending to the Numberblocks intro, with Squarey and Oblongy being in it.



  • The Numberblocks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 re-enact the oldest episodes of the show. As such, some of the lines are variations of previous lines, or even the exact same, such as "No show without an audience." ("Where's my audience?" from Three). The episodes rewinded (in order) are:
  • This is the 4th appearance of Squarey.
    • At the same time, this episode introduces Forty's pet oblong, called "Oblongy", who sings and dances along with Squarey at the end of the episode.
  • This episode is a reference to the 1968 American TV series "Land of The Giants".
  • This marks Zero's 6th appearance. others are On Your Head, Fifteen's Minute of Fame, Twenty, Thirty's Big Top and Zero (episode).
  • This is the first episode since How to Count where the Numberblocks miscount.
  • It's unknown what happened to Fifty at the end of the episode; she was responsible for turning everything up to 10, but at the same time, when she turns everything back down to 1, she seemingly became a Five.
  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of The Terrible Twenties



  • The main theme song plays before the tens version.
    • Also, notably, the song is sung in a tone slightly more different and it's easier to hear the Numberblock's voices when they say "Numberblocks!'.
    • Due to Thirty not having the same balls Three has, Thirty instead throws her hat towards the screen.
    • The night sky isn't as illuminated as it goes down, if you look closely.
    • The theme song glitches out after "Numberblocks start again", mainly because One is used for the O in "Numberblocks".


  • Ten's value immediately appears and jumps onto Ten's head. In the original episode, it appears after One wonders who she is.
    • Additionally, Zero cameos, when this wasn't the case in the original. This is mainly because Ten has a 0, whereas One doesn't.

Another One

  • There's no scene where Ten awakens after sleeping.
  • There's literally ten rackets when Ten re-enacts a call back to Another One.
  • Ten simply runs past the Magic Mirror to clone herself. In the original, when One encounters the mirror, she doesn't believe it is really a magical mirror, until she walks away sadly.
  • When Ten creates another Ten, there is no montage of them playing tennis with one racket, unlike the original. They immediately add up to Twenty instead.
  • Additionally, Twenty comes up with the plan of splitting into two Tens and having one Ten go to the Magic Mirror to clone themselves. In the original, the Ones don't get the same plan until Two splits into 1+1 a second time.


  • The way Thirty gets created is different from Three; it is instead Twenty accidentally hitting the tennis ball with too much force and tripping on a tennis racket trying to retrieve it. Three was created when One hopped onto Two while attempting to "rearrange".
  • Thirty runs up to the Magic Mirror. In the original, Three just happened to stumble by it.

Off We Go

  • Due to the order, Off We Go is done without Forty and Fifty. It is also shorter, only consisting of the Numberblocks counting out of order and quickly fixing this mistake.
  • Despite Ten being in the correct position, she still says "Ten" wonkily. In Off We Go, One and Two managed to say their name normally even when Three was missing.
  • One should note that when they count out of order, they go back to the same pose they had before they counted out of order, except not as happy. In the original, this wasn't really the case.


  • Forty's creation is a bit different than usual.
    • Thirty simply states that she's the biggest.
    • Twenty lobs Ten with his cane, rather than throwing her.
    • When Ten is lobbed, she goes above Thirty, as Thirty "runs" towards Ten's position. Three didn't move at all in the original, in fact being shocked.
    • Forty isn't initially 1x40. Additionally, he immediately goes to his main arrangement (4x10).
  • Oblongy is introduced, despite Squarey (Oblongy's basis) not being introduced until Season 3.
  • Forty just happened to stumble upon the Magic Mirror while searching for Oblongy. In the original, Two lead Four to the Magic Mirror. Additionally, in the original, Three is jealous of Four's height (1x4) until he rearranges himself into a square.

The Terrible Twos

  • It's daytime when it is re-enacted.
  • There's no Fifty in it.
  • The reason why Forty splits is because Oblongy leaves him. When he splits, the Terrible Twenties are already wearing their masks, rather than only wearing it when Four splits into them for real.
  • Every Numberblock present witnesses the Terrible Twenties' creation. In the original, since everyone was sleeping, nobody knows that the Terrible Twos were really Four.
  • Rather than simply two feathers, they hold sticks with two gloves, with each glove having five feathers at the end.
  • The Terrible Twenties tickle both Twenty and Thirty at the same time, but not Ten. The Terrible Twos in their origin episode tickle One and Two, but not Three, as she suddenly jumped out of bed to juggle her balls.
  • The Terrible Twenties, while running away, end up at Fifty's stage. They don't scare themselves, instead simply splitting up.


  • Fifty already is there.
  • The entire thing is re-enacted differently. It is instead Fifty prompting everyone to get into their positions. Then, when she plays her guitar, it is too loud. Wondering why everything is turned up to Ten, she immediately fixes this problem by setting everything back to One.




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