In this episode, C and K decide to hold a contest.


C is cracking cracks to her sound. She meets her brother K who is kicking the ball to his sound while R counts the keep-ups. C thought K is copying her. C's cracks ruin K's keep-ups. C and K decide a contest. K does it on E and Y.

k-ey, KEY!

And a key appears.

C says her sound is the best. She does it on A, G, and E.

c-a-g-e, CAGE!

A cage falls onto everyone except E, G, and Y. As K takes the key to the locked door, there is no keyhole. So, C and K join together to make the CK sound.

How will they get out?

Uchews [sic]!

LICK - L, I, and CK lick an ice-cream.

ROCK - The cage is rocking.

SACK - S jumps in a sackrace.

SICK, - S, I, and CK turn green, and their letter tops turn red.

SOCK - The sock is stinky.

LOCK (star word) - A keyhole appears on the door. K frees himself, C, and the other Alphablocks.

Unusual (But Actual) Words


Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • EY
  • CK


  • Key
  • Cage
  • Sock
  • Sack (game only)
  • Sick (game only)
  • Rock
  • Lick (game only)
  • Lock


  • When R counts, she starts at 80. A, E, G, I, L, O, S, and Y join in at 97.
  • This is the first apperance of digraph CK, who only says the sound in this episode (4 times in the TV version; 7 times in the game version).
  • This is the only appearance of digraph EY and the first appearance of Magic E.
  • Neither E nor Y talk solo in this episode.
  • A and G only say their sound in this episode.
  • G stays saying her soft sound (sounding like "/dʒ/") in this episode.
  • When E, G and Y are left behind, they spell out the Hungarian word EGY, meaning "one”.
  • The holes in the cage are actually big enough for the alphablocks to escape.
  • B, D, F, H, J, M, N, P, Q, T, U, V, W, X and Z are absent in this episode.


  • When K kicks his ball the 97th time, S and L swap their places.
  • R's hat is missing while the cage is rocking.
  • When K opens the cage, everyone but L escapes. It's unknown why.
  • Y in the EY digraph should be striped, because it's working as a vowel.


  • K: Looks like I'm the king of the /k/'s! keyhole!?
  • C: Copycat!
  • R: Rrrr! What's that rotten smell?
  • I: I don't feel good.


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