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I is the ninth letter in the Alphablock gang.

I is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.


I is a fuchsia Alphablock with rosy cheeks and long lashes.


I is narcissistic and thinks she is the most important letter of all. She likes to sing, even if it's not wanted or needed; despite I's loudness, the Alphablocks love her music.


  • "I know!"
  • "I... don't know."
  • "I know what to do!"
  • "Did I hear someone say my name? Did someone say "I"?"
  • "Only I can say "I"!"
  • "I want my dot!"



  • I's letter means...
    • 1 in Roman Numerals.
    • 18 in Vigesimal.
  • I once lost her dot in Dot. This reveals the fact that dotless I sings in a very poor high-pitched voice, because "[she's] not I without [her] dot."
  • I’s “long vowel” episode is Mine.
  • In Outlaw, she was temporarily named "Paul".
  • In the episode Jaybird, I says she is "straight" and that J has a "curly bit". This could be seen as a naughty joke by the writer.
  • I's singing can pop balloons, as seen in In.
  • I is shown to be able to manipulate others into helping her and just stand back; for example, in Dot, she demands O to find her dot, standing back and waiting for them to find it, and multiple times does she yell at O for giving her something other than her dot; not once did she budge.
  • I's dot is called a "tittle".


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