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How To Count is the tenth episode of the first season of Numberblocks.


Numberblocks 1-4 are planning to have a picnic with each other, with Four having brought four flapjacks with him for each one to eat. Prepping up the plates to place the flapjacks on, Three deliberately leaves out one flapjack while counting them, scaring the Numberblocks into believing they are suddenly missing one.

As Three "explains" the strange occurrence by saying that a creature known as the Flapjack Snaffler done it, Four recounts the amount of flapjacks, realizing that none of them are missing. Quickly, however, Three once again deliberately miscounts, which scares the Numberblocks into believing the Flapjack Snaffler is really here. Three eventually notices something moving, which happens to be Five.

With One, Two, and Four too scared, they ask Three to count Five's body parts to confirm it is the Flapjack Snaffler. However, she once again deliberately miscounts, counting her eyes, arms, and blocks as three- which just so happens to match her description of the Flapjack Snaffler, once again scaring her cohorts (except Five). The Numberblocks eventually realize Three has been fooling them.

Five questions Three's counting abilities, with Three quickly explaining; all she does is randomly count, and end with three. Five decides to help Three in counting, starting off with explaining rule one: count everything once. On her second go, Three counts backwards, as Five explains the second rule: count in the right order, from least to greatest. Three manages to do that, but she still miscounts them as three. With that, the third rule is that the amount is equal to the last number counted. Three finally manages to count properly with all that. In order to celebrate, all the Numberblocks soon try and get to their picnic... much to their befuddlement, all the flapjacks have suddenly vanished once more, as it's soon revealed the Flapjack Snaffler is indeed real.


  • Compared to the other episodes of Numberblocks, this episode has much more distorted faces than usual, such as when Three burns her hands to Four's flapjacks and during the part where Three counts Five's body parts. The latter has a more relevant status in the Numberblocks community due to Three's face when she affirms that what was thought to be the Flapjack Snaffler is really just Five. This is likely because of the animation being sloppier than usual; one can easily notice this even outside of the faces, during the part where One, Two, and Four hide.


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