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"I don't think I've seen Hide and Seek before!"Four
This page is about the episode. For the app, see Numberblocks Hide & Seek.

Hide and Seek is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Numberblocks.


Five is reading a book while sitting by a tree. Numberblocks 1-4 play hide and seek. Five wants to play. She closes her eyes and counts to 5. But she carries on reading.

One hides behind Four, but...

Numberling 4.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 5.svg

Five marks pointing prints of 1 and 4 on another tree.

Numberling 5.svg-.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 4.svg

Four and One see that Five found them.

Three forms an L-shape and puts Groucho glasses on her face and numberling. She bumps into Two.

Numberling 2.svg+.PNGNumberling 3.svg=.PNGNumberling 5.svg

Five marks pointing prints of 2 and 3 on a rock.

Numberling 5.svg-.PNGNumberling 3.svg=.PNGNumberling 2.svg

Three and Two see that Five found them.

Now it's Five's turn to hide. Numberblocks 1-4 close their eyes and count to 4. Five hides behind the tree. As the Numberblocks search anywhere else while Five continues reading.

Four trips on a rock.

Numberling 1.svg+.PNGNumberling 4.svg=.PNGNumberling 5.svg

Two and Three found her!

Numberling 5.svg-.PNGNumberling 4.svg=.PNGNumberling 1.svg

Next, Two bumps into a rock.

Numberling 3.svg+.PNGNumberling 2.svg=.PNGNumberling 5.svg

One and Four found her!

Numberling 5.svg-.PNGNumberling 2.svg=.PNGNumberling 3.svg

Numberblocks 1-4 find Five again by her tree. Then they see Five hide behind the tree again. Numberblocks 1-4 join in.


  • Five's book has two pictures from the Numberblocks intro and the episode One.
  • This is the last Numberblocks episode to premiere in February 2017.
  • This is the final episode of Series 1.This was originally given to Ten Green Bottles before the "seasonal split" in 2018.
  • Five makes the most arrangements in this episode.
  • This is the first time a Numberblock more than Four appears as a shape other than vertical.
  • Goof: Before Three and Two add up, One is behind Two. After Five appears, One is with Four.