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Hidden Talents is the fourteenth episode of Season 7 of Numberblocks, and the 104th episode overall.


Twenty-Six enters Fifteen's Talent Show... and finds some hidden talents.



  • This is Twenty-Six's first appearance as a figured-out Numberblock.
    • This is the 104th episode. 104 is divisible by 26. One and Ten are the two other figured-out numbers who divides the episode number (counting from S1) of the episode they debut in.
  • 0, 8, 11, 14 and 24 are absent from this episode.
  • This marks Twenty-Five's first appearance in Series 5.
  • This is also the first time Twenty-Five splits into her square root squad (The Five Fives).
    • They sing the same song sung by the Five Fives from the episode Five and Friends.
  • Some scenes from past episodes were shown, specifically scenes where Numberblocks split into equal teams. Which are:
  • Since Twenty-Five was already figured-out beforehand, this is the second episode where one and only one Numberblock is figured-out onscreen. The first was We're Going on a Square Hunt.
    • For your reference, Twenty-One and Twenty-Two figured themselves out during Twenty-One and On, Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four on How Rectangly!, and Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight on Making Patterns.
    • Twenty-Five does return in the episode, serving as a precursor to 26.
  • Thirty doesn't appear in this episode herself, but her transformed circus hat does.
  • This is the first time negatives have been shown in Series 5. The next appearance is What If?
    • The lift and the negative floors in the same scene where 15 and 26 are going down might be also referenced in the said episode
  • MI-15 may be a reference to MI-6.
  • Seventeen's line, "I'm looking for bonds; Number bonds." is a reference to James Bond.
  • Three's rubber duck makes a cameo in the episode.
  • It is listed as the S5E13 on YouTube, despite being listed as S5E14 everywhere else.



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