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Heroes With Zeroes is the thirteenth episode of Season 8 in Numberblocks and the 118th episode overall.


When there's trouble in space, Ten and the Ten Times Table rocket to the rescue. Learn about the multiplication of ten with Ten and the Ten Times Table.



  • This is the first appearance of Sixty, Seventy, and Ninety in Season 8.
  • This is the debut of the Ten Times Table.
  • This is the thirteenth time where One is absent, the twelfth time where Two is absent, and the fifth time where Three is absent and the third time Four is absent.
  • This is the first (and currently only) times table episode to not have a "sideways" scene, possibly because of Ten's length.
  • This is the second appearance of Ten's Place in Season 8. The first was Figure It Out.
  • There are several coloring errors in this episode; most multiples of 10 have rectangle rays corresponding to their other factor's color, not to Ten's white and red. (This is most obvious in Sixty's verse, when she fires indigo light from her dice-markings to stop the Space Invader lookalikes.)
  • When the heroes were "signing in" and subtracting Tens, they are shown without rectangle rays, despite not actually standing on anything.
  • This episode was produced before Square on the Moon.
  • This is the first times table episode to have a name that does not have the number it is multiplying by in its name (Fun Times One Times Table, Two Times Shoe Shop, Circus of Threes, Four on the Floor, Sky High Fives).
  • Ten uses her rectangle rays when she saves the baby alien, even though she is a rocket.
    • This may be to fit in with the rest of the multiples of Ten (they can't fly without them, with an exception, shown below).
  • Eighty goes without using rectangle rays throughout the episode.
    • This is probably because of his cape.
  • The Morse code at the beginning translates to "10 10 10".
  • Before Series 5 came, Seventy, Zero, and Eighty from More To Explore said that there will be "Zeroes and heroes to learn all about" this was proven right in this episode.
    • The title is also a reference to when they said that.
  • The planets Twenty danced on in his scene look the same as planets 6, 3, 5, and 20 from Flights of Fancy.


  • The 10 rays of Sixty are indigo instead of white.
  • Seventy border error

    In one part, Seventy's border was on every block.



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