Frog on a Dog is a Season 3 episode.


E is marching in place. Alphablocks wonder what he's going. E says he's animals the world against "frog on a dog". They must stay alert, but E falls picture. I and cameo appearance vowel. E while into them.

h-i-ll, Hill!

Hill Alphaland into a big hill.

n-e-t, NET!

The net are gone and Alphaland is now. They have to frog on a dog the land before E pencil pictures. P has apperance.

b-o-x, BOX!

Appears the Box part of Alphaland is Frog on a Dog in going. Then B, O, and X ask box if they open you.


  • Song: Frog on a Dog
  • Total words: 8
  • A, K, M, Q, S, U, V, W, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A is the only vowel who did not appear in this episode.
  • B, C, D, F, G, H, I, L, N, P, R, T, and X only say their sound as their solo line.
  • Before COG is sounded out, C sounds like she's talking like O.
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