Sometimes, the Alpha/Numberblocks break the fourth wall.


  • Alphablocks: C cracks the screen. N tries to stop the transition when the camera goes to O. O gets curious and looks at the viewers with his magnifying glass.
  • Top: When I is going to say what happened to T after O says what happened with T, E stares at the screen unhappily, because O was the first one to get the answer, not I.


  • Three Little Pigs: Five says "Let me tell you a story." at the beginning of the episode. For the rest episode, Five tells the story about the three little pigs to the viewers.
  • Once Upon A Time: In "Four's House" after introducing himself, he points his attention to the viewers again and says: "Can you guess what my favourite shape is?"
  • Now We Are Six To Ten: When Seven is seen falling from the sky he says, "Fancy meeting you up here."
  • Hiccups(?): One sets up the camera, moving the screen in the process. Later, when Nine sneezes out his One for the first time in the episode, One hits the camera after a pic was taken.
  • Numberblock Rally: Nine looks at the camera when he says "Nice day for it!". Later, when One wins, she moves the camera to face herself much like a GoPro.
  • The Legend of Big Tum: At the end, Big Tum "eats" the screen.
  • Eleven: Seven bends down and waves at the viewers, as he is too tall for the camera.
  • Fourteen: In one scene, Fourteen breaks the camera with his skateboard.
  • Seventeen: Nearing the end, he tells the viewers that Numberland's first art gallery needs "Your art!" to you and the Numberblocks. From there on he tells you what's the true purpose of art.
  • Eighteen: Constant fourth wall breaks.
    • Throughout the episode he constantly looks at the camera and back.
    • When he says he likes to go fast, he directly stares at the screen.
    • In verses such as "To build up speed!", he directly stares at the camera.
    • He tells the viewers to "watch (him) zoom with a sonic boom". Most of the time he will stare at the camera when he says it.
    • He asks the viewers if they missed him after he does 2x9. After that he stares at the camera constantly for some seconds.
    • He asks the veiwers if he's ready for the big one (1x18).
    • When he becomes 1x18, he sings the verse "I'm so fast, I'll be at the gate before you can lock it.", then proceeds to brag at the viewers that nobody can lock a gate before he comes/he'll unlock it once he gets there.
  • Twenty: 20 will ask the viewers if "you're ready for the big dance number". At one point, Twenty says 'I have some more friends I'd like you (the viewers) to meet.' Then a few seconds later, the Twos welcome the viewers to the Ten Twos Hot Shoe Show.

I Can Count to Twenty: Constant fourth wall breaks.

  • "Who can count to 20? YOU can count to 20, we can count to 20, let's all count to 20!"
  • "That's when YOU know it's time to count to 20!"
  • Three stares at the camera for a bit while running and says, "Guess who's next? ME-ME-ME-ME!"
  • "Hey Number Friends, do you want to see some more? We can count to 20 in steps of 4!"
  • "Is everybody ready for a power dive? We can count to 20 in steps of 5."
  • Land of the Giants: Constant fourth wall breaks.
    • Forty talks to the viewer. "Would you like to meet my pet rectangle, Oblongy?"
  • More To Explore: There are so many that we couldn’t fit it all in.


Alphablocks episodes
Numberblocks episodes
Here are all the Numberblocks episodes.

Series 1

High Five!

One, Another One, Two, Three, One, Two, Three!, Four, Five, Three Little Pigs, Off We Go, How to Count, Stampolines, The Whole of Me, The Terrible Twos, Holes, Hide and Seek

Ten out of Ten

Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Just Add One, Blast Off, Counting Sheep, Double Trouble, The Three Threes, Odds and Evens, Fluffies, The Two Tree, Numberblock Castle, Ten Green Bottles

Series 2

Number Fun

Once Upon A Time, Blockzilla, The Numberblocks Express, Fruit Salad, Zero, Now We Are Six To Ten, Numberblobs, Building Blocks, Peekaboo!, Hiccups, What's the Difference?, Numberblock Rally, Five and Friends, Octoblock to the Rescue!, Ten Again

Fifteen and Friends

Flatland, Pattern Palace, The Legend of Big Tum, Mirror, Mirror, The Wrong Number, Eleven, Twelve, The Way of the Rectangle, Ride the Rays, Block Star, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Tween Scenes, Step Squads

Series 3

Season 5

Fifteen's Minute of Fame, On Your Head, Ten's Place, Balancing Bridge, Sixteen, Square Club, Seventeen, Eighteen, Loop the Loop, Nineteen, Twenty, Tall Stories, Flights of Fancy, I Can Count to Twenty, Heist

Season 6

Sign of the Times, Fun Times Fair, The Lair of Shares, Terrible Twosday, Divide and Drive, Twenty-One and On, We're Going on a Square Hunt, Thirty's Big Top, Land of the Giants, Fifty, Sixty's High Score, The Big One, One Hundred, One Thousand and One, More To Explore

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Season 7

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Season 8

Season 8 Episode 1, Season 8 Episode 2, Season 8 Episode 3, Season 8 Episode 4, Season 8 Episode 5, Season 8 Episode 6, Season 8 Episode 7, Season 8 Episode 8, Season 8 Episode 9, Season 8 Episode 10, Season 8 Episode 11, Season 8 Episode 12, Season 8 Episode 13, Season 8 Episode 14, Season 8 Episode 15


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