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BZ-10.png Fourteen (episode) wants to MUNCH US, CRUNCH US, GOBBLE US UP!

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"I don't think I've seen Fourteen (episode) before!"Four
This page is about the episode. For the character(s), see Fourteen (character).

Fourteen is the twelfth episode of Season 4 of Numberblocks and the 57th episode in the series overall.


Meet extreme Fourteen, the plucky skateboarder with a clever way of getting out of trouble.


Ten sees Four riding on a skateboard with square wheels. Four hits a bump... and bumps into Ten which makes Fourteen. EXTREME FOURTEEN!

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And they become Fourteen! Fourteen sets his window on the skateboard, magically changing it and even having round wheels. Fourteen rides past 14 cones as he counts them. He sings about being a skater and double-seven (double lucky).



  • Song: I’m Gonna Be A Skater
  • 0, 9, 11, and 13 are absent in this episode.
  • EXPLANATION: The skateboard actually splits in half upon Numberblocks being divided by two and vice versa.
  • This episode and Thirteen aired on Kidoodle the same day Now in 3D aired.
  • Four splits in to the Terrible Twos, but in this episode, there is no Terrible Twos when Four splits.
  • The 10 & 4 graffiti appears on Four on the Floor


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