Fourteen or 14 is a Numberblock made of 14 blocks. He is voiced by David Holt.


Fourteen is made of ten white blocks with a red border and four green blocks. He has a green face and limbs, along with two rainbow-colored eyebrows and a dark green helmet. 

Fan Designs

Phantom Gaming PG’s original design has a double rainbow and double rainbow hair, Similar to Seven.

Gabe Sotillo's original design of Fourteen is pink with dark pink heptagonal eyes, dark pink limbs, and light pink lips. She still loves rainbows

Alexis Curry's original design of Fourteen is rainbow-colored (2 blocks for each color). She has blue eyes, yellow limbs, purple bows, and rainbow pigtails.

TSRITW's original design is ALSO rainbow-colored, and looks really similar to Seven.

Arifmetix’s original design of Fourteen is double rainbow is yellow rectangular eyes and lips. He has teal limbs and seven rainbow hairs on his head, and seven more as a beard (7+7).

MDZ’s Design has 14 strains of hair and is multi-colored. (2x7)

ALARM BOB OMB's design of Fourteen is yellow.

ALARM BOB OMB's fixed design of Fourteen is rainbow with blue.

Nayje2005's design of Fourteen is Rainbow and has from 1-14 Hair, Like Seven.

Mr. Yokai's design is a golden Numberblock who's basically a card game player and probably a game player or whatever. He is not related to rainbow and luck. Because that's overly used as you'd probably see.





  • Fourteen is the third male Numberblock who is voiced by David Holt. His half, Seven, is also voiced by David Holt.
  • Fourteen's numeral means:
    • 9 in Quinary.
    • 10 in Senary.
    • 12 in Octal.
    • 16 in Duodecimal.
    • 20 in Hexadecimal.
      • In the hexadecimal system, the numeral for 14 is E.
  • The reason why Fourteen has a rainbow skateboard and eyebrows is to show he is double Seven. His eyebrows represent two Sevens.

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