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Forty-Two, or 42, is a Numberblock who is made of 42 blocks and is semi-official.


Compound Forty-Two

Forty-Two in compound form resembles a Forty and a Two stuck together, hence the name, "Forty-Two". He only has both of their faces and legs.

Figured Out Forty-Two

It is unknown if he will appear physically, but based on the brief drawing, we assume that he has blue rectangle eyes, lips and limbs, as well as features from Arthur Dent.

He wears a brown and maroon checker board dressing gown, as well as holding a green cup of tea, and a green towel with an orange stripe.



  • Forty-Two is most likely based on Arthur Dent from "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", hence the reference "42 is the meaning of life".
  • People are not sure if the figured out design of Forty-Two is real, due to him only appearing as a drawing, or as Forty and Two in other episodes.
  • Forty-Two is the smallest number between 40-50 to be depicted in figured-out form, although he still hasn't appeared "in person" that way. Only two other numbers in this range (45 and 49) have had their figured-out forms revealed, as of Season 8.
  • Despite being a multiple of 7, he doesn't have any rainbow features. This might change later if a ninth season of Numberblocks is approved: viewers expect episodes about the 6× and 7× tables, and Forty-Two would appear in both.
  • Shared with 28, 42 has no eyebrows for a super (duper) rectangle.
  • He has blue outlines on his eyes which explains why 24 has blue outlines too.
  • Like Twenty-Four, Forty-Two also has Eight divisors.
  • Forty-Two has clothes covering his full body; other Numberblocks have only partial clothes at most (such as Eighty's superhero cape or the pocket where Ninety keeps his magic handkerchiefs).