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Forty-Nine, or 49, is a Numberblock made up of 49 blocks.

She is a 7 by 7 square made by 40 green blocks and 9 gray blocks. She first appeared in The Big One as a compound, and in More To Explore as a drawing in the square temple, and finally made her official debut in Square on the Moon.


Forty-Nine has 40 light green blocks and 9 gray blocks. Her limbs and facial features are dark green. She has 7 hair clusters above her head in the color of the rainbow, each with 7 strands of hair, which disappear when she is not in her square arrangement.

Episode Appearances


====2D (3/4,319,331,509,344,565,487,555,270,660)====
Figured-Out (3)


  • Her catchphrase is "Yowzer!".
  • She is the sixth Numberblock to have hair, with the first five being Seven, Seventy, Ninety, Seven Thousand, and Ninety Thousand.
  • She is the second Numberblock in the 40s to be figured-out, the first being Forty-Five. But if Forty-Two counts, then she is third.
  • Her seven hair clusters are just Seven's hair but recolored.
  • She is one of the figured-out Numberblocks with the fewest appearences in the series, the others are Eighty-One, Thirty-Five, Twenty-Nine and Thirty-One.
  • She is one of the few Numberblocks to be the opposite gender of both her digits, after 13, 31, 35, 36 and 55.
  • As seen in Numberblocks World, her rainbow clusters disappear when she is not in her square arrangement.