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Forty-Five way up high!

— Forty-Five, Square on the Moon

Forty-Five or 45 is a Numberblock made of 45 blocks.


Forty-Five has 40 green blocks and 5 cyan blocks. Forty-Five wears a grey-striped step-shaped mask because she is the 9th step squad. Forty-Five also wears lime and cyan boots and an array display, because she is also a super rectangle.

Episode Appearances

    • Total: 5 (figured-out) 2 (compound)



====2D (10/17,244,800,728,846,724,289,191,074)====


Has its own page.


  • She, and all the other figured-out Numberblocks bigger than Thirty, (except for the Orders of Magnitude) were probably figured out by going through the six-step plan seen in Figure It Out, which could possibly explain why she was figured out offscreen; the writers wanted to avoid creating too many similar episodes.
  • She is the first Numberblock in the 40s appearing in their figured-out form. If Forty-Two counts, then she would be second.
  • She is the first odd number that is a super rectangle.
  • She is the second super rectangle who’s main arrangement is not a rectangle,the first being Twenty-Eight.
  • In the Numberblocks annual 2022, 45 once had a green border on her five blocks, too.
  • She is the second of two super-rectangles to have silver rectangles instead of golden rectangles for eyes. The other is Twenty-Eight. This is probably because they are both step squads and long stepmasks would look weird.
  • Although her character card states her catchphrase is ''Step this way!'', She is never seen saying that onscreen.