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Forty-Five or 45 is a Numberblock made of 45 blocks.


Forty-Five has 40 lime blocks and 5 cyan blocks. Forty-Five wears a grey step-shaped mask because she is the 9th step squad. Forty-Five also wears lime and cyan boots and an array display, because she is also a super rectangle.

Episode Appearances

    • Total: 4 (figured-out) 2 (compound)

Fanmade designs

BrodyTheRedflower's Forty-Five is a Step Squad who hates Rectangles.

ThatGuy30722's Forty-Five loves 45 degree angles. She's also the 9th step squad, and probably 15's sister.

UQQHUVs Forty-Five likes cutting things in eighths, because an eighth of a circle produces a 45 degree angle. She's also the 9th triangle...

Seth002's 45 is a step squad that is 3 fifteens (And so does Dariber's).



  • She, and all the other figured-out Numberblocks bigger than Thirty, (except for the Orders of Magnitude) were probably figured out by going through the six-step plan seen in Figure It Out, which could possibly explain why she was figured out offscreen; the writers wanted to avoid creating too many similar episodes.
  • She is the third Numberblock in the 40s appearing in their figured-out form. The first and second were Forty-Two and Forty-Nine in More to Explore (if their appearances as drawings counts (49 appeared in Square on the Moon but well) otherwise, 45 is the first Numberblock in the 40s to appear, besides 40 himself).
  • She is the first odd number that is a super rectangle.
  • She is the second super rectangle who’s main arrangement isn’t a rectangle,the first being Twenty-Eight.