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Forty-Five or 45 is a Numberblock made of 45 blocks.


Forty-Five has Forty lime blocks and 5 blue blocks. Forty-Five wears a light grey and dark grey step-shaped mask because she is the ninth step squad. Forty-Five also wears lime and cyan boots. Forty-Five also has an Array Display.

Episode Appearances

    • Total: 4 (figured-out) 2 (compound)

Fanmade designs

BrodyTheRedflower's Forty-Five is a Step Squad who hates Rectangles.

ThatGuy30722's Forty-Five loves 45 degree angles. She's also the 9th step squad, and probably 15's sister.

UQQHUVs Forty-Five likes cutting things in eighths, because an eighth of a circle produces a 45 degree angle. She's also the 9th triangle...

Seth002's 45 is a step squad that is 3 fifteens (And so does Dariber's).



  • She (and all the other figured-out Numberblocks bigger than Thirty, except for the Orders of Magnitude) is probably figured out by going through the six-step plan seen in Figure It Out, which can explain why she was figured out offscreen: the writers wanted to avoid creating too many similar episodes.
  • Forty-Five's voice sounds like Twenty-Four. That makes sense because the same actor performs both characters. The same applies to Thirty-Five and Twenty-Three.
  • She is the second Numberblock in the 40s to be figured out. The first was Forty-Two in More to Explore (if his appearance as a drawing counts; otherwise, 45 is the first figured-out Numberblock in the 40s, besides 40 himself).
  • She is the first odd number that is a super rectangle.