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Fluffies is the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall and the twelfth episode of Season 2.

Eight is the biggest Numberblock in this episode.


A fluffy thing falls from the sky. When One counts it, the fluffy thing tickles her. Two sees this, then two Fluffies fall from the sky. When Two counts them, he gets tickled! More and more tickling Fluffies fall from the sky!

One and Two see Three juggling and counting three Fluffies. Three then gets tickled.

Four counts four Fluffies arranged in a square. He gets tickled as well.

Five counts five Fluffies on a giant wooden hand and gets tickled, too!

Six rolls a dice and counts six Fluffies and gets tickled, too!

The tickled Numberblocks 1-6 see Seven counts seven Fluffies, but luckily he is immune to being tickled by Fluffies, much to the confusion of Numberblocks 1-6's. Seven shows them how to be saved from being tickled by Fluffies.




The four Sevens feel so lucky. Things yet become worse when they find out the fluffies are stuck to them. Eight appears tickling the Fluffies away. The four sevens change back to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the mix.

Hooray for Seven, hooray for Eight, hooray for everyone!


  • The 3 Sevens that the numbers 1-6 made are the colours of the following characters but become rainbow later.
    • It Might be due to the Fluffies.
    • It is simular to in Numberjacks Episode "One more time" where 4 changes to 5 and changes to 6, but the color never changes.
      • But they do not change to the same color later.
  • This is the second time that the first 8 numberblocks appear without 9 or 10. The first time was in Eight.
  • The song that one sings at the beginning is the One Song from the episode "One".The first episode in the full series.
  • Nine and Ten, who are absent in this episode, don't have speaking lines.
  • Two, Three, Five and Seven stay vertical in this.


  • When Six counts the Fluffies, Five's glove is missing, but when One and Six add up to make Seven, and Five's glove returns.




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