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"I don't think I've seen Fluffies (episode) before!"Four
This page is about the episode. For the characters, see Fluffies (characters).

Fluffies is the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall and the twelfth episode of Season 2.

This episode teaches number bonds to 7.


It's an ordinary day, until some fluffy thing falls from the sky. One counts it, with it quickly attaching onto her and tickling her. Two soon notices it, wanting one of his own- soon, more Fluffies come from the sky, as Two counts a pair of them and also gets tickled. More fall from the sky, and One and Two soon realize they have to prevent the others from counting it.

Unfortunately, they're too late for the others, as they soon count the Fluffies and get tickled. Seven comes in soon enough, and counts seven of them too. However, they simply attach to him and nothing else happens. Seven soon reveals that he's not ticklish at all (along with other Sevens)- after realizing his friends' plight, he tells them to add up to Seven. One and Six, Two and Five, and Three and Four each add up to Seven.

After having done that, they realize they still have to get the Fluffies off of them. Eight, thankfully is there, giving them a taste of their own medicine, also scaring them away.


  • The three Sevens that the numbers 1-6 made are the colors of the following characters but become rainbow later. Technically, this is a sign of what happens later.
  • This is the second time that the first 8 numberblocks appear without 9 or 10. The first time was in Eight.
  • The song that one sings at the beginning is the One Song from the episode "One". The first episode in the full series.
  • Nine and Ten are absent in this episode. Eight is the biggest number that appears.
  • Two, Three, Five and Seven stay vertical in this episode.


  • When Six counts the Fluffies, Five's glove is missing, but when One and Six add up to make Seven, and Five's glove returns.
  • Eight's eyes enlarge upon saying "Huh! Ha! Ready for more?"



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