Five, or 5, is a Numberblock made up of 5 blocks.

5 first appears in the episode with the same name.

She is voiced by Beth Chalmers who also voices 1, 3, 11, 16, 30, 50, and Blockzilla.


5 is made up of 5 blue blocks. She wears a navy (dark blue) glove and her left eye is a star. Her eyes are dark blue and so are her arms and legs. She shares a fashion similar to 10.


Total number of appearances: 64


  • Counting Sheep, The Three Threes, Numberblock Rally, Block Star, Seventeen, Nineteen, and Tall Stories are the only episodes that 5 does not speak in.
  • According to Stampolines, 5 has only 12 block arrangements, no matter how you turn them. But she can only make 7 in the whole series so far. They resemble pentominoes.
  • 5 has an Irish accent.
  • 5 heavily resembles Numberjack Five's Buddy blocks, due to them being light blue.
  • 5's round eye resembles 1's eye.


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