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"You can't just sing any old thing!"S
This episode contains a song and its page has its lyrics. If you know how it goes, you can sing along!
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Fit is a 9th episode of Alphablocks Series 3.


The episode begins when H is going for a jog. Just then she finds a tall hill. (Near the Hill are L,B,K,S,T,F, and I) H challenges herself to run up the tall hill. She proceeds to run up the hill, however H begins to feel tired while running and eventually she slips and falls down. She tells the other Alphablocks that she’s having a hard time running the hill. Soon P pops in to assist H in running the hill. I and T volunteer to help H reach the top.

What will the Alphablocks do?

  • BIT - TBA
  • HIT - H uses a tennis ball and racket to get the ball up the hill but it landed on K and S.
  • KIT - A running kit runs up the hill.
  • LIT - A candle appears. Soon, the candle gets lit, and melts.
  • PIT - H builds a sandpit, but she doesn't think it will help.
  • SIT - A ski lift makes H go up the hill, but skis down.
  • FIT (star word) - I becomes a fit trainer and helps H run the hill by training her to become the strongest Alphablock in the land. Everyone cheers!


-H, along with I, T, and L start jogging across the land-

I: You can do it, yes you will.

H: I can do it, yes I will.

I: When your fit you’ll climb that hill.

H: When I’m fit, I’ll climb that hill.

-F flies in-

I: Alphablocks are big and Strong.

Chorus: Alphablocks are big and strong!

I: We like training all day long.

Chorus: We like training all day long.

I: Stand tall, arms out, hold hands, SOUND OUT!

l-I-f-t, LIFT!

-With one hand, H lifts up T in the air-

I: Lift that block into the air.

Chorus: Lift that block into the Air!

I: He’s quite big but you don’t care.

Chorus: He’s quite big but you don’t care!

-T jumps off off and lands on a Rock, and P pops in-

I: P in, T out…

I and Chorus: Move round, SOUND OUT!

f-l-i-p, FLIP!

-H flips all around-

I: See that letter flying by.

Chorus: See that letter flying by!

I: She can flip into the sky.

Chorus: She can flip into the Sky!

-S flies in, and F flies out-

I: S in, F out…

I and Chorus: Move round, SOUND OUT!

s-l-i-p, SLIP!

-All the Alphablocks slip on banana peels-

I: Don’t you worry, I’m okay.

Chorus: We’re not worried, she’s okay!

I: (Annoyed) I’m not singing, I’m just talking!

Chrous: She’s not sinigng, she’s just talking!

-They all continue running until they stumble upon N-

N: No way!

-I pulls N in the group, and L leaves the group-

I: N in, L out…

I and Chorus: Move round, SOUND OUT!

s-p-i-n, SPIN!

-H starts spinning-

I: Round, and Round, the letter go!

Chorus: Round, and round the letter goes!

I: Can she stop, well no one knows.

Chorus: Can she stop, well no one knows!

- H loses control and spins around the other Alphablocks making them spin as well-

All the Alphablocks spin back with the others and stop spinning. H starts to feel energized after that work out, and feels motivated to run the hill. She thanks everyone for helping her out, and H begins to run the hill. Eventually, she arrives on top, and celebrates after her victory. Back down, I brags about how she helped H reach the top claiming herself to be the best coach. H runs back down and everyone runs with her too the sunset.

H: I’m so fit I didn’t stop.

-Everyone tosses H up into the Air-

Chorus: She’s so fit she didn’t stop!

H: I climbed that hill right to the top!

Chorus: She climbed that hill right to the top!

Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • Kit
  • Sit
  • Pit (game only)
  • Hit (game only)
  • Bit (game only)
  • Lit (game only)
  • Fit
  • Lift
  • Flip
  • Slip
  • Spin


  • Song: Fit
  • Total words: 7 (TV version) 11 (game version)
  • A, C, D, E, G, J, M, O, Q, R, U, V, W, X, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
    • Another common "-it" word family word is QUIT, but both Q and U don't appear in this episode because digraphs aren't supposed to be moveable in the game version.
  • B doesn't speak in the TV version.