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Figure It Out is the fifth episode of Season 8 and the 110th episode overall.


Twenty-One reveals her six-step plan for figuring out Numberblocks.

This teaches kids about more ways to explore number properties.


Twenty-One helps Thirty-One and Thirty-Two figure themselves out, leading them to places before, such as Ten's Place and the Rectangle Retreat. At the end, Thirty-One becomes a calendar fan, and Thirty-Two becomes a doubler; both have figured themselves out.


  1. Tens & Ones (place value): All numbers are made of ones, though as the number gets bigger, they start also using tens and higher. For example, 31 is 3 Tens and 1 One.
  2. Rectangles: This is the equivalent of dividing a number and finding its factors. For example, 31, being prime, can only make two arrangements, while 32 is shown to be a Super Rectangle because they can form many rectangles.
  3. Look Inside (Number bonds and multiplication/division): Number bonds work, and so does multiplying/dividing equations.
  4. Patterns: Of course, some crazy patterns wouldn't hurt in discovering who you are. Art's all about new directions, so getting to know what kinds of unique patterns you can make can help you.
  5. Clubs: Each club has its own rule. See if that number fits in by rearranging it or using more complex arrangements.
  6. Exploration: Figuring a number out requires some within-the-world discovery. Find numbers anywhere you can find them and apply that to a Numberblock, and you've figured them out.


Continuity References

Step 1:

They are in Ten's Place or maybe this one is referencing the beginning of How Rectangly?

Step 2:

31 and 32 are at the Rectangle Retreat with the scrolls from "How Rectangly?."

Step 3: 31 and 32 enter MI-15 which is from Hidden Talents. The machine that counts the bonds is here and the room where 26 figures himself out is here too.

Step 4:

31 and 32 are on the Pattern Wall which is referencing Making Patterns. 31 and 32 make shapes, like zigzags.

Step 5:

31 and 32 join clubs. Makes a reference to Club Picnic, where Twenty-Nine was figured-out

Step 6:

This entire walking sequence is referencing More To Explore when 21 walks past all of the objects.

Some birds fly by and sing to the tune of the song, this might be referencing Holes

A camera can be seen as well as a rally cart. The cart references Numberblock Rally. The camera looks is the same camera from Hiccups.

The Numberblocks Express is riding by.

A ten ball from Thirty's Big Top is bouncing by and 11's football shirt is flying as well.

A clock, skateboard, and a paint palette pass by. The clock is from More to Explore and the skateboard and paint palette are referencing 14 and 17, respectively.

A bus stop and bus fly by which are referencing Twenty-One and On.

A big thirty ball flies by, which references Thirty.

A calendar with a month that contains thirty-one days appears besides 31, and a doubler paper appears besides 32.


Violet rays instead of rainbow rays

  • At the ending scene, the ten-borders are thicker than normal
  • In "Step 4: Play with Patterns" Seventeen's mouth clips into his ten-block's border.

    The Seventeen mouth clipping through ten-block border error


  • This is the last time Twenty-One actually helps compound Numberblocks figure themselves out. After this episode, compounds figure themselves out without 21's help by going through the six-step plan themselves offscreen.
  • This is the first appearance of Thirty-One and Thirty-Two as figured-out Numberblocks.
  • This is the debut of 40 in the 2020s decade.
    • This episode also has mentioned the numbers 33 through 40. 40 appeared as a complete drawing, but 33-39 appeared only as Numberlings. This might be a hint of what's coming next.
  • This episode has the most number appearances, with 33 (including the drawing of 40).
  • This is the second episode where Twenty-One sings, the first being More To Explore.
  • During 31's part while 21 sings the last lyrics, one can see him with 28, 29, and 30. Those numbers match the total count of days in shorter months.
  • This is the third time a calendar has been shown in Numberblocks. (Seven and Thirteen were the first and second, but they showed only the days of the week; this is the first episode showing a full-month calendar page.)
  • Many people thought that Twenty-Nine would be figured out here; instead, he was figured out in Club Picnic.
  • 21 is also seen with rays in another season 8 episode, Circus of Threes.
  • They have unusually thick ten borders.



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