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"You can't just sing any old thing!"S
This episode contains a song and its page has its lyrics. If you know how it goes, you can sing along!
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Figure It Out is the fifth episode of Season 8 of Numberblocks. This is the 110th episode in the series overall.


Twenty-One reveals her six-step plan for figuring out Numberblocks - and takes some friends along for the ride.


Twenty-One helps Thirty-One and Thirty-Two figure themselves out, leading them to places before, such as Ten's Place and the Rectangle Retreat. At the end, Thirty-One becomes a calendar fan, and Thirty-Two becomes a doubler; both have figured themselves out.


  1. Tens & Ones (place value): All numbers are made of ones, though as the number gets bigger, they start also using tens and higher. For example, 31 is 3 Tens and 1 One.
  2. Rectangles: This is the equivalent of dividing a number and finding its factors. For example, 31, being prime, can only make two arrangements, while 32 is shown to be a Super Rectangle because she can form six rectangles.
  3. Look Inside (Number bonds and multiplication/division): Number bonds work, and so does multiplying/dividing equations.
  4. Patterns: Of course, some crazy patterns can help discovering numbers. Art's all about new directions, so getting to know what kinds of unique patterns you can make can help you.
  5. Clubs: Each club has its own rule. See if that number fits in by rearranging it or using more complex arrangements.
  6. Exploration: Figuring a number out requires some within-the-world discovery. Find numbers anywhere you can find them and apply that to a Numberblock, and you've figured them out.


Continuity References

Step 1:

They are in Ten's Place or maybe this one is referencing the beginning of How Rectangly?

Step 2:

31 and 32 are at the Rectangle Retreat with the scrolls from How Rectangly!.

Step 3:

31 and 32 enter MI-15 from Hidden Talents. The machine that counts the bonds is here and the room where 26 figures himself out is here too.

Step 4:

31 and 32 are on the Pattern Wall which is referencing Making Patterns. 31 and 32 make shapes, like zigzags.

Step 5:

31 and 32 join clubs. Makes a reference to Club Picnic, where Twenty-Nine was figured-out.

Step 6:

This entire walking sequence is referencing More To Explore when 21 walks past all of the objects.

A bird fly by and sing to the tune of the song, probably referencing Holes.

A camera can be seen as well as a rally cart. The cart references Numberblock Rally. The camera looks is the same camera from Hiccups.

The Numberblocks Express is riding by.

A ten ball from Thirty's Big Top is bouncing by and 11's football shirt is flying as well.

A clock, skateboard, and a paint palette pass by. The clock is from More to Explore and the skateboard and paint palette are referencing 14 and 17, respectively.

A bus stop and bus fly by which are referencing Twenty-One and On.

A big thirty ball flies by, which references Thirty.

A calendar with a month that contains thirty-one days appears besides 31, and a doubler paper appears besides 32.


  • This is Seventeen's first appearance in Season 8.
  • This is the last time Twenty-One actually helps compound Numberblocks figure themselves out. After this episode, compounds figure themselves out without 21's help by going through the six-step plan themselves offscreen.
  • This is the first appearance of Thirty-One and Thirty-Two as figured-out Numberblocks.
  • This is the debut of 40 in the 2020s decade.
    • This episode also has mentioned the numbers 33 through 40. 40 appeared as a complete drawing, as he debuted in the same episode as Thirty, but 33-39 appeared only as Numberlings, as they weren't figured-out by the time of this episode.
  • This is the third episode where Twenty-One sings, the others being More To Explore and Club Picnic.
  • During 31's part while 21 sings the last lyrics, one can see him with 28, 29, and 30. Those numbers match the total count of days in shorter months.
  • This is the third time a calendar has been shown in Numberblocks. (Seven and Thirteen were the first and second, but they showed only the days of the week; this is the first episode showing a full-month calendar page.)
  • Many people thought that Twenty-Nine would be figured out here; instead, he was figured out in Club Picnic.
  • In the last step, the objects flying by correspond to some numbers in order up to 32: A single bird for One, a camera thaht doesn't represent anyone, a 4-blocked cart for Four, the Numberblocks Express for Five, a 10 ball for Ten, a football shirt for Eleven, a clock for Twelve, a skateboard for Fourteen, a paint palette for Seventeen, a bus stop and bus for Twenty and Twenty-One, a 30 ball for Thirty, and finally, a calendar for Thirty-One and the double paper for Thirty-Two.
  • 21 is also seen with rays in another season 8 episode, Circus of Threes.
  • They have unusually thick ten borders.


Violet rays instead of rainbow rays

The Seventeen mouth clipping through ten-block border error

31's Numberling clipping through their body

  • In one scene, Twenty-One flies with rectangle rays, however, the seven rays are pure violet, and not rainbow as seen with Fourteen in Loop the Loop.
  • At the ending scene, the ten-borders are thicker than normal.
  • In "Step 4: Play with Patterns" Seventeen's mouth clips into his ten-block's border.
    • In the same step, Thirty-One's numberling clips through their body.



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