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"It's gone! Everything's gone!"Nine
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"I don't think I've seen Fifty (character) before!"Four
This page is about the character(s). For the episode, see Fifty (episode).

Fifty, or 50, is a Numberblock made up of 50 blocks. She is voiced by Beth Chalmers.

Episode Appearances

Total number of appearances: 12


====2D (5/17,201,460,881,287,871,798,942,420,736)====


  • In Series 4, her "shooting star" eye had glitter on it. However, in Series 5, she no longer has the glitter for unknown reasons.
  • She is the first Numberblock who has never made non-rectangular arrangements anywhere, if the intermediate arrangements seen for one frame during rearrangement doesn't count.
  • She is the third Numberblock to appear right before their debut episode, the first being Two the second being Eleven and the fourth being One Hundred.