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Fifty-Five or 55 is a Numberblock made up of 55 blocks.


Fifty-Five has 50 sky blue blocks with blue borders and 5 cyan blocks. His limbs are navy blue. He wears a snowy white, crimson mask and has a maroon mouth.

Episode Appearances

Fanmade Designs

DanvilleGeorge's 55 is the 10th member of the Step Squad as she's the sum of 1 to 10. She can also be a soccer team of eleven 5's because she's quintuple 11.

TSRITW's 55 is an athlete whose specialty is climbing up and down stairs. She is not only a Step Squad of ten members, but also two 15's and a 25.

ThatGuy30722's design of 55 is a football coach. She's 5x11, so she's a mentor figure like 5, but football-themed like 11. She breaks the team strategy into 10 steps, and her whistle is shaped like a Fibonacci spiral, which is an Easter egg, as she's in the Fibonacci sequence.


  • "Engage!"
  • "Starship explorer Fifty-Five, first interplanetary mission underway!"


  • 55 is the first and currently only Numberblock in the 50s to be figured-out.
  • 55 is the second “5 ender” to be male, with the first being 35.
  • 55 can be a big blue space rocket, and a step squad.
  • 55 is the first Step Squad to have a permanent mask but no boots.
  • 55 is the only multiple of 11 to have eyes with the same size.
  • The Football Club might have to be renamed to "League of Elevens" or simply "Eleven Club" due to the drastic change of the theme. 11 and 22 both are footballers, unlike 55.