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Eighty-One, or 81, is a Numberblock made of 81 blocks.

He is voiced by Rasmus Hardiker.


Eighty-One has 80 pink blocks with magenta borders and 1 red block, his eyes, mouth and his limbs are all pale blue.


Eighty-One is seen sneezing a lot as he is 9x9. He speaks in an elder accent.

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In We're Going on a Square Hunt, 9 alluded to him as '9 lots of 9'. He made an appearance in The Big One as a compound until his figured out form debuted in Square on the Moon.


  • Eighty-One is the first numberblock in the 80s to be figured out.
  • Eighty-One is the second male numberblock to end in a 1, with the first being Thirty-One.
  • Eighty-One is commonly seen sneezing like Nine because he is 9x9.
  • He is one of the figured-out Numberblocks with the fewest appearences in the series, the others are Forty-Nine, Thirty-Five, Twenty-Nine and Thirty-One.
  • Eighty-One is the 3rd fourth power to be figured out, the first and second being One and Sixteen respectively.
  • He is also the 4th square to be male.
  • Eighty-One, like Sixteen, is almost a super rectangle with 5 factors.
  • His red unit block acts as his 'nose'.
  • Eighty-One is the first figured-out Numberblock without a self-introduction.
  • Eighty-One is currently the biggest figured-out Numberblock that is not a multiple of 10.
  • Eighty-One is the currently the biggest odd Numberblock to be figured out.