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Eighty, or 80, is a Numberblock made up of 80 blocks.


80 has 80 pink blocks with magenta borders. His eyes, mouth and his limbs has the same colour as Eight's, the only difference is that he has a dark purple octagon on his chest with the number 80 on it, a cape and a array display (10 factors).


80 is able to shapeshift into a specific shape. He starts by spliting into ten 8's and then one of them say "Octoblocks, assemble" before combining into Eighty but with a new shape. His forms are Dinoctoblock, Roboctoblock and Spidoctoblock.

Episode Appearances

  • Total: 6 + 1 picture


Official Gallery


====2D (9/)====


  • There are errors which 80 sometimes doesn't have his octagon and/or cape. They don't include 80 when shape-shifted to any form (Roboctoblock, Dinoctoblock, and Spidoctoblock).
    • There is also an error which 80 has 4 limbs, like 8's error. This appeared in Sixty's High Score.
  • Square on the Moon was the only episode with 80 as a square with a hole.
  • 80 has shapeshifted to Dinoctoblock the most (3 episodes), next is Robloctoblock (2 episodes), and finally, Spidoctoblock (1 episode).
  • 80 usually turns into 10 8s, which say "Octoblocks, assemble!" before shapeshifting. In Heroes with Zeroes, that was not the case, as 80 just rearranged himself.