Eighteen, or 18 , is a Numberblock made of 18 blocks.

He is voiced by Rasmus Hardiker.


18 is a super-rectangle, and thus he looks and is like 12, seeing as they are also siblings. He is known for going to lightspeed but is prone to getting dizzy and tired. He has a derpy personality as shown as how much derp faces he makes. However, he is also a not so smart jerk at times; for example, he spins out 12 and later on is shown smiling about it (but it is also possible that he was glad that he impressed his sister). He's also a braggart at some points, like the "falling contest". Someone thought Eighteen was female.

Prototype Designs

One design of 18 is a male, has light blue blocks like 5 and glasses like 2. (Gabe Sotillo's 18)

Another design of 18 is brown. (TSRITW)

Another design of 18 is orange with one octagonal eye and one decagonal eye. She loves food and is a chef herself. (Arifmetix)

A design of 18 is gray and is called 18-Copter. Created by ALARM BOB OMB.

Nayje2005's design of 18 is male and Likes golf.

Stikbot1992's design of 18 is male, white, red and pink.

AwesomeX05's design of 18 has a 10 block in a 'C' formation with 8 magenta blocks in the middle.

PiranPoo's design of 18 is brown with a hole as wide as 6 blocks.



  • 18's numeral means:
    • 20 in Duodecimal.
    • 24 in Hexadecimal.
    • 28 in Vigesimal.
  • As seen in Loop the Loop, 18 is 12's brother, so it is confirmed that 18 is male. This explains why he is a super-rectangle.
  • 18 is the second multiple of 3 to be male, the first being 9.

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