E is the fifth letter in the Alphablock gang. He is the busiest letter of the troupe and his 'eh' sounds echo from his megaphone. He is a popular and friendly sort because of this.

E is voiced by David Holt.


He is a red stripy block with wide eyes.


  • "Of course I can see D - he's right there."
  • "Excellent"

Episode Appearances

Magic E

Magic E is the Alter-Ego of E.

Episodes Appeared in

  • Alphablocks (debut) (no lines)
  • Bee (no lines)
  • Key (no solo lines)
  • Space
  • Hide
  • Note
  • Magic
  • Name
  • Sleep
  • Mine
  • Home
  • Blue (Last Appearance)


  • E's letter means 14 in Hexadecimal.
  • E is the second of the 5 red characters.
  • He's the only vowel to have a final appearance of the series, before Cowboy.
  • E’s “long vowel” episode is Sleep.
  • As seen in Pen, E is ambidextrous.


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Magic E, Plusman



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