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Double Trouble is the twenty-fourth episode of the series overall and the ninth episode of Season 2.

8 is the biggest Numberblock in this episode.


1 explores the Double Dungeon of Doom. The dungeon says no One can enter. Being forbidden to enter, she goes to a magic mirror which creates another 1.

1 + 1 = 2

The dungeon lets 2 proceed. 2 takes out two torches. He sees and counts two paths and doesn't know which one to take. He goes to another magic mirror which creates another 2. The first 2 takes the left path and the second 2 takes the right.

Both 2's see inanimate (but rather frightening) rubber snakes. They step through the paths carefully. Then they see a boulder blocking an entrance. They push it, but they're not strong enough. Then they combine.

2 + 2 = 4

4 pushes the boulder and comes in. In the hole of the ceiling, 4 sees golden apples. He tried to cross the bridge to the rope, but falls off to the red ball pit, due to the bridge being pulled by a rope in the middle. He climbs back up and sees another magic mirror which creates another 4.

Each of the two 4's take one side of the bridge. They come closer to the rope.

4 + 4 = 8

8 climbs the rope and sees eight golden delicious apples. When he takes them all, there is a rumbling effect and the bridge is getting wobbly.

8 = 4 + 4

8 - 4 = 4

Quickly, the 2 4's leave the room. The boulder chases them. When each of the two 4's take a path, the boulder breaks between them. The two 4's see rubber snakes.

4 = 2 + 2

4 = 2 + 2

Carefully, the four 2's make it away from the snakes and see the entrance door closing slowly. They dash to it.

2 = 1 + 1

2 = 1 + 1

2 = 1 + 1

2 = 1 + 1

The eight 1's run out of the dungeon. The last 1 loses her hat after the door knocks it off, but quickly grabs it before the door completely closes. The 8 1's then eat all the apples.


One, Two, Four, Eight. (Double numbers from 1)


The episode's story refers to Indiana Jones.


  • 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 are absent in this episode.
    • 10 and 9 are larger than 8, and all the absent numbers, except for 6 and 10 are odd numbers.
  • There is the only episode since 8's debut where 3 is absent.
  • 4 stays as a square the whole episode.
  • This is the first time equation magic is duplicated.
  • 8 is the only Numberblock who has two arrangements (vertical and Octoblock) in this episode. Other numberblocks have only one arrangement.
  • This is the first time 2 uses a magic mirror, since he did not for the first half of the first season.
  • This is the second time since Ten out of Ten that Teresa Gallagher and David Holt haven't done any voice work for an entire episode.
  • The following objects in the game Numberblocks Make & Play are from this episode:
    • The bridge scene.
    • The apples.
    • The Indiana Jones hat.
  • This episode had early concept art. In it, Four's eyes are round rather than square.
  • This episode reveals that Four hates round things.
  • In the part where Eight falls after he collects all the apples, he does the Wilhelm Scream.


  • The two 4s say "River snakes!" instead of "Rubber snakes!"

Running Gags

Numberblocks saying "Double up" (except 8) and "Split in half" (except 1)


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