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Double Back is the second of twelve special episodes of Numberblocks. This is the 122nd episode overall.


It's time for a time travel adventure! Sixty-Four's new time machine keeps sending the Numberblocks back in time. Can they double up in time to fix it?



  • This episode's description used to show that it's a crossover with Alphablocks, but it was later removed.
    • This tweet from the Numberblocks Twitter confirms that the crossover idea was either scrapped or was a mistake.
  • This episode was put on iPlayer on Friday, two days before it is aired on TV.
  • This episode's logo is a parody of the movie "Back to the Future".
    • Sixty-Four's time machine is a parody of the DeLorean car.
  • This episode has a time-travel plot, where a certain character travels back in time to change an event in the past.
    • The type of time-travel featured in the episode is a "time loop", where the main character gets sent back 2 minutes in the past, in an altered timeline, with the only difference being that the main Numberblock is twice their size. This repeats until Sixty-Four is the one heading to Sixty-Four's time machine, to plug the time regulator.
    • There are a total of six different timelines in the episode.
  • Sixty-Four is the biggest Numberblock in this episode, meaning she is the biggest to appear in the specials in total.
  • The episode uses dynamic physics in some parts such as when Ten and Three fall into the ball pit and some of the balls roll out.
  • Despite being a special, people still refer to it as the 122nd episode of Numberblocks.
  • Octonaughty's lair is seen in the background in some scenes.