Not to be confused with Dots.


O is watching I singing when two Ps hold O‘s hand.


I's dot has been popped! O looks for someone to help. maybe P,C,D,and T can help get I's dot back.

What will they do?

COD - I gets a cod as a dot and states she is a fishtank.

COT - I makes baby noises before saying she doesn't belong in a cot.

POT - I states she is a little flower.

COP - I makes a nee naw sound.I arrests O for popping her dot.

TOP - I spins on a top and gets dizzy.

POD - I is inside a pea pod.

DOT (star word) - I found her dot. I said that O wants to get it. I grabs it and cuddles it. I puts it back into her letter. now she can sing!

Unusual words: DOC, DOP, TOD, POC, TOC

Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • Pop
  • Cod
  • Cot
  • Pot
  • Cop
  • Pod (game only)
  • Top (game only)
  • Dot



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